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Smear test

I have only ever had one smear test and that was so excruciatingly painful (I have never given birth )and can only imagine it as bad as then pain women experience when giving birth).a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the surgery to arrange one.I was in two minds about it remembering the pain and as I was at the surgery seeing a Dr I asked if I could have a chat with the nurse.I did and she explained everything about it so she booked me an appointment fro next Monday.I have kept it for now but know I won't be able to go through with it cos of the pain experienced à few months ago at hospital as well as in the past.i told the nurse the only way would be to do it under G.A.also because Of then pelvic pain I have had for over a year and like many other symptoms not given a reason for.on checking she has booked a 45 minute doesnt take that long does it?

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A smear test normally is not that pAinful especially when related to child birth. If you are experiencing that much pain then you need to explore further discussions with GP.



I suffer from post menopausal dryness and at one time had what seemed to be nerve related pelvic pain.

Plus because of the angle of my womb, smear tests have always been difficult.

But lately because of all of the above they have been excruciating and impossible. In fact even the gynaecologist couldn't do it.

Everything checked out fine on the ultrasound. But attempts at a smear test made my pelvic pain so much worse - just as it was improving. They proposed doing one under general anaesthetic. But I dreaded to think what rummaging around while I was oblivious would do!

So I passed on it. But I'm presumably a lot older so a different situation.

I did read somewhere there were different speculums for people experiencing difficulty?

Also I believe there may be a urine test as an alternative

Good luck



hi Poppy

I can only put my pelvic pain down to one thing and that is to do with op to insert mesh or it could be nerve pain everyone is talking about but my gp gave me no answers other than he spoke to gynae several months mention the angle of your womb making smears difficult. how did you learn of that?i saw my gynae when at A&E one time and he couldn't do a smear.i am 56.i said to the nurse who carries out smears they would have to do it under GA.i wouldn't be concerned if they did at least I would be "out of it"whilst they did it.


I have had pelvic pain for over a year and no diagnosis .gp putting everything down to fibro.the pain is in the bone and spreading and the area is ow swollen too.


Hi I had the same problems with smear test and went to the hospital but they tried it just the same so pointless. GA was discussed but in the end my GP did it. I had tablets to help me relax and he used an extra small speculum. I had some pain but nothing I could not handle and got a clear result from my smear test.

Hope you have an understanding GP I don't think any doctors realise how much pain we are in.

Good luck, Marion


my appointment is on Monday and she has allowed 45 minutes.surely it doesn't take that long?not necessarily GA -heavy sedation?


Well had smear test.nurse used a small speculum and it only hurt a bit on insertion.she was as gentle as she could be.all I can say is the hospital did not use a small one which is probably why it was so painful and the gynae at the hospital was quite brutal.


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