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I have been diagnosed with Pelvic congestion. I usually get the odd aches and pains, however yesterday when at work I felt a stabbing pain. I went extremely hot then went back to normal temperature I felt really sick. I went to the toilet and when I pulled down my trousers there was a lot of blood. I was also in agony.

Went to doctors who gave me anti inflammatories and something to stop or reduce the blood.

That's great it's done that but I still have the pain that's making me feel sick also no pressure is helping it.

Any ideas what I should do? I don't know if I should go to hospital and get checked out.

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HIA, I get similar symptoms but not the bleeding like that, so that is awful for you.

I have not heard of pelvic congestion, what is it?

I have endo' and, and there are triggers, like sex before my period or stress and alcohol, so do you find that this makes it worse?

also are you in a job where you stand a lot or is it physical? as that made mine worse and I was taking time off work, could not get to the job centre one day and they were not very understanding, quite upsetting,

feels like there are a lot of women suffering in silence and putting a brave face on.

may be you could talk to you doctor again?

good luck.



Did you recently stop birth control or any kind of hormones?

I use to get similar symptoms just before my period (fever,sweating,extreme stabbing pains,vomiting ).It turned out is was endometriosis.I had this for over 10 years before getting diagnosed with endo.You may want to keep a symptom diary to help you figure out what days of your cycle you have pain and which kind of pain,it may help with getting a diagnosis.


For years I had episodes like this. When I had these attacks I was with uncontrollable bleeding I had a D & C to stop the bleeding. Below I have description of one such procedure. At other times I had scans that said I had large fibroids and was told they would shrink at my menopause (they didn't.) I tried hormone therapy which made me worse. I was told my problems were everything from stress to activities to fungal infections (which I suffered all the time) to hormones. I lived for years in agony. My cousin (a doctor ER surgeon) told me years before I finally went for what was to be a simple hysterectomy that, in his experience, I should have a vaginal hysterectomy and that he suspected my condition would worsen (he did not explain how but he was right.)

At age of 55 I underwent the "simple" hysterectomy and it took 8 hours and 2 transfusions and destroyed my rectum and pelvis. I had Polycystic ovary syndrome ((PCOS) affects between 5% and 10% of women during their reproductive years) cysts in my fallopian tubes, a rectocele and my rectum was fused to my cervix.

I don't know whether or not your doctor has done all the tests necessary to determine that this is simply pelvic congestion. (Pelvic congestion syndrome is similar to varicose veins in the legs. In both cases, the valves in the veins that help return blood to the heart against gravity become weakened and don't close properly, this allows blood to flow backwards and pool in the vein causing pressure and bulging veins.)

I know that if I had had a laporoscopy I would have been diagnosed with endo years before and have had the hysterectomy before the cysts completely filled my belly. (I asked for years "Is this endometriosis - I read the symptoms and it seems similar?" I was dismissed even though my family doctor wanted a laporoscopy which would have shown the cysts that were not picked up on MRI's or CAT scans as they are not thick enough in diameter)

But at least I did have the D & C's to determine that the uterus was non-cancerous and they did offer me some relief from pain. What tests has this doctor done to come up with this diagnosis? I've run the gamut of morons who just wanted me in and out with non-sincere platitudes and generous fees. Seems diagnosing "Pelvic Congestion" could be true but what kind on anti-inflammatories would be used in this situation. And I did not do well on hormone therapy although one of my daughters who has inherited my condition does take hormones to ease her periods (her doctor believes she has endo and hormone therapy works for her although not for my two other daughters who also suffer from ovarian and uterine polyps.

Seems to me you might want to pose some more questions to your doctors. I wish I had years back. I know suffer permanent oteitis pubis, bladder problems and rectal spasm. If I had been treated years ago I might have the same problems but then, again the doctor going in so blithely (she had to call in another speciaist surgeon as she couldn't handle what she saw when she went in) I might have fared better.

* note from internet: (Your doctor may wish to perform dilation and curettage (D&C) with hysteroscopy. During this procedure, your doctor will use a fiber optic tube called a hysteroscope to examine your uterus and scrape away tissue from the uterine lining


Hi I have similar symptoms went to doctors got checked out and he said its probably pdI. I've been having pains low down for along time and recently had other symptoms like yours I am on antibiotics for a week but still got pain all across my lower abdomen. If I'm no better next week then I'm going back to doctors and hopefully get it sorted. I hope you do too


Hello there. We're you diagnosed by a Gynaecologist? If so go back to them as soon as you can. If not go a d see a gynaecologist anyway for second d opinion.

If you have by now excuse my late response to your list.

All the best and may you be pain fee soon.



I was diagnosed by a gynecologist because I had a laproscopy which showed the congestion on my left side (where I've been suffering pain)

I have found a specialist radiographer near me who can perform the pelvic emoblisation. So going to ask GP to refer me to them.


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