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Bulky cervix?? and Laparoscopy

Hello. I came across this forum as I was googling for some advice about laparoscopies.

I am due for surgery in 2 weeks time and just wondered if anyone could give me advice about recovery from a laparoscopy as I am very nervous.

I am 27 and have been having pelvic pain for about 4 years. Also, very painful if anything touches my cervix e.g. during sex, when a speculum is inserted and touches my cervix and even having swabs!

I haven't had a smear test even though I have tried numerous times and the Consultant said he would do a smear the same time.

I was referred to the hospital for the procedure as I had an ultrasound and came back a bulky cervix??!! Just wondered if anyone has had this?

I haven't had any children and am really nervous as I'm afraid it could be cervical cancer!! (Been googling it!) Just some advice would be great! Thank you :)

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Why are they putting you through an invasive surgery before testing a swab from cervix?! I had two laps and have abdominal wall never damage from both. Get more opinions!


Thank you for your reply Pepper1977. I am not sure. For the last 4 years, I've seen numerous Doctors and I have been told it could be STIs (which I know it wasn't), something wrong with my vagina walls (but its the cervix!!) and that the pain of having my cervix touched is all in my head and even had Psychosexual counselling at the GUM clinic!! Luckily a locum sent me for an ultrasound and then my Surgery referred me to Gynae. I saw a Consultant who is also a Surgeon and he said he would perform a Laparoscopy to have a look! I just feel this is the only best option I have got to see if there is anything wrong even though I would prefer not to have anything invasive done.


Hi, a laparoscopy is merely a procedure to have a look inside, normally by key hole, so a small excision is made just below your navel and with me two lower down, just above where your ovaries are, There may be a few stitches, nothing major, but other than that within a few days you will be fine. I have never heard of a bulky cervix though, but please don't worry, it could just be an inflammation of side kind going on. Keep us posted jx


Thank you jacquieb for your response! Will keep you updated :)


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