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Unbearable Pain

Hello, My name is Ivory. . . I just recently turned 18 with these pains of about 3 months, never really thought about it because the pains weren't so bad, just really small pains. . . Now they only gotten worse that I just want to curl into a ball and scream for it to go away. . . I admit, I'm scared and I dont know what to do. . . I feel lost :c And the pain just only gets worse a little each month. . . I need help.

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Is the pain all of the time ? if not do you keep a note of when it occurs ? it is worth keeping this information written down to show to a doctor. I assume you havn't seen anyone yet ?

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Hi! I'm Feeling uncomfortable talking about this. I'm Going for my antipsychotic medicine today (& to talk to my Psychiatric Nurse about my distress)- I've been booked in for a Colposcopy & Transvaginal Ultrasound, to try to determine my pelvic pains. Stressed-out today!


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