Who Would Like To Meet Up?

This post is purely to find out whether there are enough people on our forum suffering from pelvic and related pain who would like to meet up, in the UK, a little later this year. This is just a thought in its embryonic stage at present, but if there is enough interest we could arrange a meet up, one weekend later in the year. Points to consider at this stage would include:

a) Where to meet. This forum appears to have sufferers based all over the UK so based upon geographical interest, should it be in the centre of the UK, north or south?

b) An agenda of topics to discuss - these need not be of a technical nature but would include areas of common interest.

c) Whether to invite a guest speaker and if so, whom?

d) An open forum at the end for discussion, questions and answers, ideas and support.

Could I please ask that if anybody besides myself thinks this is a good idea, please register your interest below. I will monitor replies coming in over the next few weeks and if we can muster a sensible minimum number of interested parties, we can then all put our heads together to make this happen.

Thank you.


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  • I think it's a great idea according to where it is of course. I live in Bromley Kent. If meeting up is difficult could a webinar be arranged?

  • Thanks Paulyne. I am in Essex....we will monitor further replies and your suggestion of a Webinar is very good if the logistics prove to be a stumbling block.

  • Great idea. I'm in the Midlands. Maybe we should invite Judy B? She has so much knowledge on this subject.

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, noted.....we will see how the numbers stack up and arrange something, so long as it is viable.

  • I'm in Essex, Southend, I would like to meet up.

  • Am also in Southend.

  • Yes great idea......Northamptonshire.

  • I'm in London . I think it's a good idea ..

    have you arranged a day get together before? I have been to a few info / connect days with speakers and other things going on ..( lupus ,and thyroid uk day and endo ) I have learnt a lot from talks .. I'd say try not to pack to much in! I think the meeting up with people in the same boat is beneficial , and is not always given top billing ! Lunch break if your lucky! Keep me informed! Thank you x

  • Thank you for all replies so far, all sounds encouraging; we will wait a couple of weeks or so and see if there is further interest and then we can formulate a plan of action. No date (or venue) decided upon so far, it will be voxpop on both counts.

    Many thanks for everybody's interest so far - truly appreciated.


  • if it helps anyone, there are a lot of meetings for vulval pain held in London ...I go to them sometimes.

    google London VPSG . the meetings are held in St Cyprian's church crypt. We cover any kind of pelvic pain on meetintgs, but mostly it's vulvodynia, pn and lichen sclerosus

  • Thank you for posting this. I am interested, I am from Notinghamshire but can drive to Northampton ( noting many Southen peeps interested) and a bit further south ( and north) also. Such as anywhere involving A1 all good

  • Hi, I might be able to attend. I live in Hull.

  • hi, id deffo be interested. im in hertfordshire.

  • I am interested I am in manchester. Can travel by train as I don't drive anymore..

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