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None of these doctors actually understand!

I am giving up trying to explain my situation/condition to doctors. Their lack of knowledge and inability to read notes before you see them is exasperating. I am convinced they all just think I am mad. They do not realise how hard it is to remember everything with constant brain fog, I write a list of what I want to talk about, but when questioned I sometimes muddle things up and say wrong words. I know this must be frustrating for them, as it is for me, especially when you only have a five minute slot. But I do expect my doctor to know what operation I have had that caused my condition so I don't have to argue the basics when I see him (not like I haven't seen him multiple times over the past two years all related to This). And I emphasize debilitated I feel in all aspects of my life because I feel they don't take me seriously (I don't overdo it though)- I do not expect to be told to stop mentioning that aspect because he understands! Nobody understands unless you experience it!!

Anyone else have the same frustrations??

Thank for reading/listening.

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GPs I means, not consultants.


I learnt by bitter experience in the past not to expect a doctor to remember anything about me so now even if it is someone I've been someone I've been seeing for several years, I remind them of the main points every time !

It is frustrating.

One consultant suggested we should have a passport containing relevant information that we carry with us !


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