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over 6years of pain

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after 6.5 years of misdiagnosed pain, i seem to be cured.

the gynnos wouldnt see me anymore.the urologists give me muscle relaxers which made me put on weight and the digestive people said i had ibs.

i,d tried for a colonoscope several years ago which was abandoned as the sedative was useless and i was fighting them off because it was sheer torture.

so i was offered another but this time promised general anesthetic.

i had to wait 3 years on a waiting list.

i was very nervous when at last i got my appointment and was told i would be getting sedation but i would be asleep.

didnt believe them but yes i was put asleep and afterwards i was told they removed a very small polyp.

interestingly from the opposite side from my pain.

i am perfectly ok now.just waiting for results of biopsy.

when i think of all those years of my life doubled up in pain.

its not as though i have many years left to enjoy as i am 70.

i just thought i'd tell you ladies still in pain that there is light at the end of the tunnel and i think about the hopelessness some of you feel.

i especially feel for people in the states unable to afford health insurance and pray you can find a way forward.

take care

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Hi there,I don't know how your pain stopped,but I would not think it's just from a small polyp.

I've had my pain going on about 14yrs,about 3-4yrs into it I had a Colonoscopy,and just like you,the sedative done nothing,and the pain they put me through was hell,I always said I would never have another one. But also like you they took one polyp away,it made no difference at all.

I've also had Diets,medication,seen about 5 different Gastroenterologist 3 pain specialist,I think every test available and I'm still in pain.

I just don't think one polyp,would stop your pain. Think yourself very lucky.

I'm also like you in not having many years left to enjoy,but I've also had a lot took away from me. I would just like what I do have left,to be happy,and pain free,like us all.🤔

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costagran in reply to Gemini71

i think right,i was lucky.it might have been something simple like rearranging my colon.who knows...if you do get your courage up to get another colonoscopy,make sure they reassure you that you will be completely asleep..i reckon the technicians are told to use as little drugs as possible but it doesnt make sense to me that so many proceedures would be abandoned as the patient is thrashing about in so much pain.bloody dangerous also.

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Gemini71 in reply to costagran

LOL,It sure was dangerous for the nurse that was standing by me,I grabbed her stomach,just a reflex reaction to the pain. Then the other nurse came round to me and told me to squeeze her hands.

Then to top it all,at the end she bent down to me with a form in her hand and said " Would you say that hurt" to fucking right it hurt.🙄Sorry can't help myself at such incompetence. But believe me I'm thrilled you at least got something out of it. I have heard of people having a Colonoscopy with no problem,so perhaps me and you are the unlucky ones. Good luck to you. 🍀Take care.🤞

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costagran in reply to Gemini71

would'nt you think that it would be more cost effective to administer adequate sedative in the first place instead of having to abandon so many procedures.

false economy me thinks !

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Gemini71 in reply to costagran

You don't expect them to think logical do you🤔I've seen that many very inadequate specialist,that I question everything now.

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charlee4 in reply to Gemini71

Talk about time left, I am 76, but the rest of my life I would love to be able to sit and lie down comfortably. I can't take trips to see my children and grands. I suffer all the time. I don't think a poly would cause that kind of pain, but I am happy someone had relief for whatever reason.

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Gemini71 in reply to charlee4

I could have wrote your post myself,apart from I'm 75 so I want what time I have left happy and pain free. I doubt that's going to happen.

Think I must have done something real bad in this life or a former one.

Hi Costagran I'm so excited for you. Its wonderful to hear where someone has actually had success in getting pain relief. Prayers on a good outcome on your biopsy. Where in the heck do you and Gemini live that they don't put you to sleep when you have a colonoscopy? I've had three and I've always been completely knocked out. I just had one last month because I'm not able to use the bathroom without taking a bunch of laxititives followed by a enema. Had tried all the prescriptions for opioid constipation. I didn't have any polyps just internal hemeriods I'm still in severe pain. Have been for nearly 8 yrs.

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costagran in reply to Liz_2018


thanks for your reply.

i sympathise with you having internal hemeroids.

i would have thought there are tablets you could take to shrink them.

my partner was given some excellent medication and also of course ointment.

if i knew a bowel movement would cause trrible pain, then i would never have one, hence constipation.

so where do you go from here.

slow realease muscle relaxant or early morning strongest coffee to give you a loose movement.

i've heard that long time use of constipation drugs is not a good idea.

i used to munch on a bag of pumpkin seeds in the evening and was sure of a result in the morning.

i think gemini is in the states but not sure.

i'm in spain on their national health scheme.

for my secong colonoscopy i waited 2 years and interestingly was sent to a private hospital for the procedure.

i was terrified after colonoscope number one but cant fault the outcome even though it still felt like a conveyor belt industry.

still waiting for biopsy result.

i do wonder if the scope religned my colon in some way and that my pain had nothing to do with the tiny polyp completely on the other side to my pain.

i do have a few fibroids turned to stone.

who knows.

just thank god my misery is over.

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Liz_2018 in reply to costagran

Weird thing is I didnt even know I had hemeriods they don't bother me. I just can't have a bowel movements without laxatives. I've tried doing everything natural first heck I'd eat a couple bags of prunes. I use to have to resort to un impacting myself but after having this nerve damage the bowels won't come down far enough to remove. The Gastroenterologist said that my bowels aren't moving because of my rectal vaginal etc pain and pudendal nerve disorder possible entrapment. A couple of ladies on here have recommended some tea that I'm going to try so that's my next move. And I would quit racking my brain on what or how your pain was cured just thank God it is gone and hope it stays that way for the remainder of your life.

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Gemini71 in reply to Liz_2018

Hi Liz,I can't be knocked out they say because I have Emphysema,yet I had to have a procedure to look at the back of my heart,terrified me,he said I'll give you a sedative,I said they don't work,he said this will,I slept for 3hrs.

So YES I agree with you it can be done.

I do have a friend who had a Colonoscopy she said she was fine. So we're all different.

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Liz_2018 in reply to Gemini71

Oh I didn't mean that it a colonoscopy couldn't be done without anesthesia, I just never heard of it. It would scare me also going through a procedure or in the middle of an operation and the fear of waking up because the anesthesia isn't working. I've heard of it happening.

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Gemini71 in reply to Liz_2018

I'm not in the states lol,I'm in the UK.

Good for you.

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