Doctor tomorrow

Getting concern aboutmy appointment tomorrow and will gp listen to a feeling I will shed tears when I go in to see him.

Feeling emotional today.thinking he will again say accept what they tell me and not listen to me.referral to ENT and whatever person re stomach/pelvis .hope he shows me some empathy?he doesn't see me when I wake every morning with huge nose and swelling,or when I dress and my trousers don't go over my stomach .

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  • Go see a naturel path docter I had chronic pain for four years so I decided enough is enough when to see a naturel path last week it's been 5 days now and I'm starting to feel a bit better everyday I see improvement so hopefully that works for me it cost money but it's your heatlh sending you healing hugs

  • My GP is rubbish as well, but you can change the surgery! try it before it's too late...crying will NOT HELP YOU. they will just label your case as psychosomatic.

  • Changing surgeries is not an no other I can go.don't drive.I dotn understand cos my gp was really good and its only in last 3 years when I've tried to get answers as consultants failed me that he's been like he has. Have to go now to get bus.

  • So I saw my gp and he asked about my appt with consultant and my dog but blatantly refused to listen to me re my stomach and my nose.saying that He would get angry and was not going to discuss it with me but to see one of the other doctors.I couldn't keep back the tears and a person I thought was a friend at the bus stop showed not one ounce of care/sympathy for me.not even ask why I was so upset.thoughts going around in my head do I write to the practice manager and explain everything to her or contact PALS cos his behaviour etc is unprofessional.why is it only my dogs who have any concern.I havent done anything wrong except try to get answers why doesn't anyone accept what I told them.

  • Found my post above-thought I'd lost it!but second one I wrote does not appear home and booked an appt tomorrow with the other gp who arranged scans and hope he will listen to gp today didn't even let me explain before he was down my throat.if I didnt have my dogs to care and be here for I would have no reason to live.I'm going to take what I have written down with me tomorrow.I cannot cope any longer.I don't have any real friends here I can go to.people here don't have time for me they are always busy with their own lives and when one friend did spend time with me all she said was she doesn't know what to say.

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