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Hello my name is Kayla and I have been having extreme pain in my abdominal area for weeks now. The doctors have no figured it out and its very frustrating. I was wondering if anyone has had the following symptoms: Extreme abdominal pain that fluxuates. The pain also moves sometimes but it is mostly on my left side. The pain ( when it is the worst) feels like someone is twisting or stabbing my stomach. Also when the pain is worst, I have nausea and sometimes vomiting. The pain is worse if I move around too much, run, drop my feet too hard when walking, or any sort of jerky movement. Pain and nausea is sometimes lessened by curling up, taking ibuprofen, or smoking weed. Please help if you can, thank you

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Could be some sort of bowel obstruction. Laxido can be very helpful.


My daughter has theses ailments too, she had a sigmoidoscope but the gastroenterologist wants to do a colonoscopy to see if it's celiac, unfortunately she already began the gluten free diet on her own volition and it has given her her life back but to have the test she has to go back on gluten. She's not willing to do that or she will fail her courses and probably lose her job.


Hi, sorry for your pain, I too have the same type of pain. I don't know if we both have the same problem, but what helps me the most, is eating right. That means no junk food, healthy eating . The other thing is exercise, try running on a tread mill if you can, has to be aerobic exercise. Try to reduce stress. No doctors with their medications were able to help me.


My name is Theresa. I am 50 years old and have had some of your symptoms for 2 years. I have no faith in most doctors and their so called professional opinions. I've recently changed from a pelvic pain specialist to a spine specialist. I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. After numerous pt sessions with a therapist who specializes in pelvic floor I finally went outside my insurance network. The pt I saw said no to pelvic floor she said my tailbone was out of place. I did get some sitting relief from her adjustments. The nausea is confusing to me because I've had that too and no one seems concerned or perplexed when I tell them that symptom. I am going to have an MRN and emg on November 14. The life expectancy of nerves that are impinged or damaged is about one year. I could tell my pain was diminishing and even though thankful, knew whatever damage was there was probably done and irreversible. When you bend from the waist does your bladder hurt? You could have bladder problems which would cause pain in the stomach area.

My point suggestion to you is this, if you feel the doctor is not listening or being cavalier move on to the next one and don't be embarrassed to ask for a referral. Don't waste years like I did because you end up om the losing end and no one else.

My symptoms / locations changed too which made it difficult to describe to doctors . Keep a pain journal. When you go to the doctor and you are happening to have a good day with little pain, remember the bad days and give them that information.

Educate yourself and question everything.

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I had that pain off and on for 45+ years. Last year I woke up in the night and had that pain, but WORSE. It became overwhelming. My husband left for work, but my son tossed me in the car. I was screaming. I had a "cecum bascule" which is a rare type of bowel obstruction. The surgeon said that 10 more minutes and I would've been dead. I had been told my whole life it was the following: age 5- clingy child. Age 14 - menstrual cramps (no periods yet!!) Age 19- stomach ulcer. Age 24-- irritable bowel. Age 28-ovulation pain. Age 31-she resents her husband. Age 40-endometriosis (post-total hysterectomy!) Age 50-IBS again. Age 53-emergency surgery. Post surgery was told that EVERY TIME I presented with that pain it was at the point of total RUPTURE!

Each time I was close to dying. The day of the surgery, the radiologist was saying it was "that same lady is here again for nothing but a hernia." The surgeon overhead this and SHE looked at the images and recognized something that, she told me, "A hundred surgeons would never see in their entire careers."

Don't let anyone put you off, or send you home. Ask them if the pain could be "an anterior folding of your cecum?" And when they say "oh that's rare" ask them if they want to have to explain YOUR death to a medical board? Rare Doesn't Mean NEVER. Dont ignore that pain. And if it's suddenly worse, RUN to a hospital.


And yes, it feels like a twisting, stabbing pain. "Gas" medicine helps, maybe-- but the vomiting and nausea? DANGEROUS!! When that comes- you're looking death in the eye. Believe me. Don't risk it. It "LOOKS" like nothing? Looks like a hernia, looks like a lot of things. You might never had had it until recently. And most belly pain is referred from a distant organ. But since most MDs have never seen it, they have forgotten all about it. At a world famous Hospital named after an Irish county-- they GOOGLED it and told me that I was making it up! Making it up with a scar from umbilicus to pubis. And surgeon's notes and photographs (the surgeon is going to publish my case history!). Had to explain how Google works! Didn't matter. I got referred to psychology! It's in my record that I claimed to have a "fantastic surgery" because of their stupidity..... Just make them look when it hurts, please!


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