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For years I have been having pelic pain low down on either the left or right side of my groin to the point where I would be unable to walk and had to crawl to the bathroom. It would come on at anytime of the month and wasn't asscociated with my periods. After having a laparoscopy and finding out everything was healthy, I was at the end of my tether. No pain relief would help.

My husband was watching embarrassing bodies one night when a woman came on with exactly the same symptoms as me. After having tests they diagnosed it as being hormonal and prescribed high dose evening primrose oil.

So my hubby ordered me some and told me to try. I took 2000mg of epo every day and have never had that horrible pain since.

I know it may not help for everyone but if all else fails give the evening primrose oil a go.


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Great to hear that this helped you. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. These things are so individual.


I don't understand how that kind of pain can be sounds like neuropathy


My gp thought it was mittelshmertz but it would come on any time of the month not just around ovulation. Whatever it was the evening primrose oil worked for me. X


Many thanks for sharing that info and I will give it a try!


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