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What could be wrong!?

So for the past year I've had this really bad intense pain in my left side of my stomach, I have irritable bowel but this is deff not that the pain is 1,000x worse!!! So bad I can't move can't hardly breath I break out in a sweat and jus wanna call 911 Dr had me do a ct scan and he thought there was some fluid maybe from a ruptured cyst... later I had a colonoscopy that showed nothing... then I seen a gyno and she said the ct scan was normal and gave me a internal ultrasound and that was normal 2 weeks ago I had a laparoscopy and that too was normal so I'm jus wondering if anyone else goes through this or if anyone has any ideas what could be wrong? I go back to the gyno tomorrow think she's sending me to a muscle skeletal Dr next.... I do have fibromyalgia if that has anything to do with it?

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It can take time to find out so try not to panic. Do you have painful periods or does the pain worsen during periods by any chance ?


I dont have periods I'm on the depo shot. But when I use to have periods I didn't really get to bad of cramps...


I had the same severe pain in left lower abdomen but laparoscopy revealed adhesions on my colon. So, maybe yours is spine related?


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