Pain that changes day to day

I have not been diagnosed but have pelvic, back, thigh and hip pain. It changes from day to day. I have a few days without pain but most days its constant. 2 days ago I had pain in the middle of my back that I can only describe as a sick pain and it made me throw up. I went I to urgent care and they r doing blood tests. Does anyone else have this and what were u diagnosed with?

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  • pelvic pain? as in pudendal nerve pain ?

  • I'm not sure. I have pains that shoot down my thighs that vary in intensity. Also hip and back pain. Today it feels like my back and hips are burning. I also have pains in my pelvic area that changes almost daily. 15 years ago I had a cyst that sent me to the hospital and found out recently that I have high testosterone. I had a c- section 5 years ago and these pain started almost a year ago.

  • Yes, I had a hysterectomy in '09. The pain started 2 weeks later. It does migrate. If it is nerve pain, you can feel it in different places. The sacral nerves feed the pelvic floor and they can make you have pelvic floor pain one day, rectal pain the next and no pain at all for a few days. Mine, however always came back. Get to a physician that specializes in pelvic floor pain. Keep searching until you find someone who won't tell you it is all in your head. :-) Good Luck!

  • Thanks for replying!!!! :-)

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