Hernia on c-section type scar

Hi does anyone have any advice or experience of having a hernia especially in the pelvic area? Mine is on the left and due to a c-section type scar I have for a sigmoid colectomy 3 years ago. The GP seems pretty sure that is what it is. I also have adhesions. The main symptoms are shooting pains, into the thigh, hip, and pelvis (in the buttock) all on the left while the right is fine. Crampy pain like period pain too, and pain in the pubic bone on the left too. Am a bit scared about having an op for it as read it may involve mesh and I've a tendancy for adhesions (which all sounds painful) however it would be nice to free of this pain which seems quite 'nerve'y. xx

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  • I had the same things. They thought it was a hernia but it was actually endometriosis that got into my c section scar. It acted like a period and bled every month. The blood could not leave my body and over the years formed a lump. Seven years after my c section I had the c section scar opened and the endometriosis cleaned out. While waiting for surgery they put me on the continuous birth control pill to try and stop the c section scar from bleeding. It was very painful. I hope you get to the bottom on this. Hang in there..

  • Oh Kath your poor thing that sounds awful Glad they got to the bottom of it and hopefully sorted it for you. I don't have endo, pretty sure of that. Thanks, going to see GP nest week to see about possible next steps.

  • I had never even heard of endometriosis before it showed up in my c section scar. The Dr explained that if some uterine tissue is on the knife during the c section and the knife is used for the c section the uterine tissue gets in and starts to cycle each moth. I had never had any period issues, pelvic pain or any fertility issues before. Did they biopsy the thing they believe to be a hernia. That is how mine was discovered. T

  • That is really interesting, never knew that could happen. Not so lucky for you though, at least they sorted it out. Mine have been bowel ops, so shouldn't have that problem. Just had some weird bleeding out of cycle and something that has happened before is that possibly due to scar tissue affecting ovulation, I have got a cyst growing on the left side causing pain. So now thinking maybe that is happening and either causing or contributing to the pain. Bit confusing in all x

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