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Just looking for a little insight

I have had pain in my right side lower abdomen just to the side of my hip bone, for the past 14 years, I have been told I have Irritable bowels which covers most of my symptoms, bloating, flactulance, loose bowels etc. but I am wondering if my pain is not ibs but something else. Sex is very painful and orgasm can set my pain off too. I have a heavy feeling in my vagina and lower back ache. I wake up in the night to urinate and often experience pain higher up in my back in my ribs which goes when I urinate. I do need to wee a lot through out the day, feels like I am bursting but then don't pass much. Often when I open my bowels or have a wee it's feels like I have not fully emptied. Sorry for all the details, but when I was pregnant with my 2nd child my pelvis separated I had psd. And now wondering if this is related.

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Sounds like its all related. Maybe a referral to a gynae to get it all checked out. Sounds like the full and empty nerve messages are a but mixed up. Not sure what they can do about it, but knowing whats wrong can make it easier to live with. I know there are maternity physios who are specialised in treating the after effects of giving birth, so maybe a referral to them would help. The gynae can do that once they've checked you over.


Thank you so much for your reply, I have just moved Dr's so hoping my new one is better, after years of problems it's starting to get me down now x


Please do not be satisfied with IBS get tested for everything please.


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