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Is there something I can do.? My GYN and Primary Dr's dismissed it as normal. I hurt myself after taking up jogging and at the same time moving. It's been a year. Symptoms, Lower pain inside but not vaginal, aches when lying on sides, carryiing heavy things and walking fast. Not during intercourse, but can wake me up at night to turn back on back. HELP...

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Hi there, I am not a medical person but have recently benefitted hugely from seeing a really good physiotherapist combined with strengthening pilates for pain and discomfort in similar region. Physio can discover cause and safely treat if necessary. Also beyond the remit of my GP. Had to search out help myself. Mine caused by slightly stiff movement of sacroiliac joint on one side, manifesting itself in pain round the front! (Pubis area.) particularly strain feeling when lifting anything remotely heavy. Has taken a while to heal and strengthen strained ligaments. I would therefore seek help and remember it may take some time. Hope you can get some help.


I had pain similar to this years ago when pregnant with my fourth child. After the birth I was sent for physio. Nothing helped at first but then my physio asked if she could try utrasound treatment which was fairly new then. It was the answer for me. So maybe the physio route might be worth trying?


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