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Seeking female advice

Hello. I'm looking for advice from fellow women.

I have never experienced this until yesterday. My left breast is extremely itchy and feels heavy pressure at time. I have noticed that my nipple is leaking creamy, sticky clear/white fluid pretty much constantly. I am not pregnant and I have never had this before. Any advice is greatly received.

Thank you.

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You must see your GP as soon as you can for them to send you for further tests. Good luck let us know how you get on.


Thank you, I will. :) x


Are you on any medication? It can be a side effect of certain medication. But I'd definitely get seen by a GP asap xx


Hi, no I'm not. But I have been to the doctors as have to keep a diary for two weeks. Also had blood taken. But I've recently had sharp pains travelling up my breast. The itchiness and fluid sti remains x


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