For those that had the surgery in France with Pr Robert, how long was your stay?

I am scheduling PN decompression surgery with Pr Robert but need to know how long I should expect to be there? What is the safest thing I should do? What should I expect to happen after the surgery and at what time interval? Like follow up in three days, then suture removal in one week, etc. I would appreciate the advice!

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  • I'm so glad someone knows his name! I'm going Dec 11 to sjAntolak in Minn.Im told two days in hospital.3to4 months to heal.Surgery is not 100percent,but,it's all that's left! I'm there as fast as a plane ride..Every one pray for a cancellation and a sooner date for Me.Im in agony! Judy r

  • Just read your response to someone else , you are going to France 11th dec for surgery? I am praying for you and hope you get pain relief and some help x

  • Thank you so much poppy 26.

    Good luck judyrentz. I understand how you feel.

  • I'm going to Minn,Minnesota to Dr.Stanley Antolak who learned the surgery under French Dr.I don't know his full name.. Let's all pray for each other. Only we know what torture this MONSTER is!

  • No,I'm going to Minnesota to Stanley Antolak,who was taught by prof.Robert.Someone tell me his full name so I can file it. I trust Dr.Antolak,he has done 7000 surgeries for pudendal..I just have to trust GOD! Judyr

  • Can you please share your experience with us?

  • Hi,

    I am also travelling to Nantes for Surgery. I have allowed 5 days post op before travelling back to the UK.

    I do not think that the sutures will be removed before 10days. Prof Robert does offer a 1 week follow up appointment post op if you prefer to stay.

    Best of luck

  • Good luck and God Bless and heal you. I'm anxious to hearthe outcome of the surgeries! Judy R

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