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Hydrosalpinges - help!

I have just been diagnosed (by intra-vaginal scan and then MRI) with acute hydrosalpinges. I first complained to the doctor about pain during sex and he dismissed this, commenting that I had put on almost a stone, (I am 5'7 and had gone up to 11st 2lb, so was hardly obese). I lost the weight though and the pain eased. I then started having constant spotting between periods and they put this down to the menopause, even though I was only just 40. They tested my hormone levels and they were fine, so just ignored it. I then went for a routine health check and was given an examination where the doctor, (a locum) felt something. Investigations started and eventually my diagnosis of acute hydrosalpinges. This is great, as they were obviously expecting something far more serious, but I seem to have been dismissed now! The consultant asked very few questions and said that the spotting was unconnected and most likely from my IUD breaking down and that I should have a new one fitted, the Mirena coil. However, I can't take hormones and also suffer from migraine which means the Mirena isn't suitable, even though the highly paid consultant didn't know this! This isn't what I'm worried about though; I'm not sure I just want to leave this abnormality inside me. Can it be dangerous? I think the spotting is connected and also the pain, but I've been discharged with no further questions asked or advice offered. I'm left worried and unsettled. Can anyone advise?


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