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Please please help

Could any tell me if this is related to my endo but ive been curantly been experiencing weird painfully feeling high up in my belly like under my ribs it feels as if something flips inside me i start to feel a warm sensation i get pains and niddels i feels sick and panicy if i walk it comes in a wave again its very painfull the sensation i am feeling i have had before with endo shortly after my op toyear ago and ive been getting it since when lieng down it has sent me stright to my feet. Also any time it happens my tummy swells way up this has always been the case and painful to press if pressed a wave of pain hits again has any. Body had this this is two years im feared of the doctors n hospitals now after all these years of the same answers givin and sent home with painpills this has stoped my trust in doctors i have no more faith id rather sit in pain than make the journey there to be sent home again unless its lifetheating but what im experance ingg i dont understand and im scared and sore i need helpwith this guysif youse can please

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have you had an MRI or other pelvic scans??

you need to take tricyclic anti depressant if you have nerve pain


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