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Hello, i cant deal with this anymore ive been having severe abnominal pain for months, other symptoms including nausea, fatigue, painful sex, pain when i urininate, dont get me wrong at the start the doctors were doing everything to help me diagnosed with ibs but for me thats not right 2 years down and all the ibs tablets later they dont want too know, ive had more and more symptoms arrise as the 2 years has gone on and im not being funny all i can think about is cancer and now all they can think is that im going loopy and need cbt and talking therapy! How can the doctors let me down this much its got to the point wherr i see no point in going back to complain, im a 23 year old girl and im living life as an 80 year old. I cant go out with my friends u can't do anything some days im just in bed in unbearable pain. Please help me with advice xo

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Hi Jessica, so sorry to hear what you are going through. You must be in so much pain.

Did the GP diagnose "IBS" or have you seen any specialists such as Colorectal or Gastroenterologist?

Have you had any investigations such as: Barium Enema Xray? Ultrasound scan of the abdomen? Blood tests?

Do you know that you can go to A&E with unbearable abdominal pain?

Have you ever had an xray of the abdomen when in such pain?

When you say you've had more and more symptoms arise, what symptoms are they specifically?

I never found any tablets for IBS helpful.

Do your symptoms include constipation? Diarrhoea? Passing any blood with stool?

Please don't be anxious about cancer. However I would ask that you don't give up going to the GP. If you are not well enough to go in person would you consider asking for a phone call from GP. Ask for referal for investigations. Keep pesterling GP. See different ones at the practice.

About the pain when urinating - collect an early morning sample. See if you can also arranged with GP over phone to have urine test. If you have a urine infection that can make you feel more unwell.

How are you coping with all of this? Are you eating and drinking? Has the GP given you prescriptions for Fybogel sachets and/or Lactulose medicine?

Are you suffering from bloating, swelling?

Constipation can cause nausea and fatigue. It can be chronic. Even after a bowel movement or diarrhoea we can still be constipated with fecal retention especially if there are any diverticular in the bowel.

Have you tried sipping warm water with a little bicarbonate of soda in it? This may help to relieve nausea occassionally and move any trapped wind (up) or gas (down).

Do you take anything for pain? Do you know that codeine (in cocodamol ) causes severe constipation?

Are you able to drink water? When you can, drink plenty.

Do you drink a lot of coffee?

If you really can't cope with GP just now and don't want to go to A&E then may I suggest that you make a self-referal to the Continence Nurse. You can get the phone number from the Bladder & Bowel helpline. I will post or pm number.

The Continence Nurse may be the best way forward just now after what you have been through with your doctors. She can also refer you to the Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Hope you get the help you need.




Thank you ive just had blood tests and an ultrasound, gp diagnosed it, the hospital said i was constipated but i go regularly no blood im ringing doctor tomorrow for another appointment as someone on a different forum suggested endometriosis im not coping well at all im losing loads of friends and i feel so low but im not depressed just upset with this illness ad yeah ive got fybogel absolutely disgusting haha, sometimes i bloat on bad days, having trouble eating feel so sick after meals and can barely finish anything i eat lost a bit of weight but im not bothered by that as i needed too! Ha! They give me tramadol and it works but makes me more fatigued thank you for your help x

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Hi again

Do you know that one of the main side effects of tramadol is constipation?

What Fybogel sachets do you have? I think the orange flavour are the best. I used to add a little fresh orange juice, it stops it from going thick before you can drink it! If you're on tramadol you could try Lactulose as well or maybe take the Fybogels morning and evening. I read your other posts. If you ask for urgent referal to Gynaecologist perhaps he/she might a range an Internal Ultrasound scan.

If you don't get anywhere quickly with the GP then I would certainly contact the Continence Nurse if I were you. You deserve to be treated correctly.

Always ask for a diagnosis.



Hi Jessica, If I was you I would stop the Fybogel and the Tramadol. You are not constipated and do not have any blood in your stools. - I presume they have taken a stool specimen. I would also come off the Tramadol. Please google Tramadol - side effects. I am surprised you have been prescribed this. I think what you need to do is to stop fixating on your condition which is making you anxious and upset. Give yourself a week to get the meds out of your system, eat a healthy diet and make yourself do something normal every day, like go for a walk, to the park, to the sea-side you need something to take your mind off of your abdominal pain which can be caused by your medication and anxiety. If this calms you down then keep building on this and maybe join an exercise class like Pilates or swimming. Only you can do this - you have to help make yourself well. Just try it for a while and see if it makes you feel better.


Perhaps you have intolerance to gluten. I forgot name of condition but my sister-in-law lost down to 90 ponds and was very sick before this condition was diagnosed. Rocky68


Jessica, condition in celiac disease. Ricky68


Jessica it's probably hard to differentiate between your symptoms of IBS and what also could be pelvic pain I'm sure! You also mentioned painful urination and painful sex. If I were you I would find a urogynecologist closest to you and make an appointment. They will take you seriously! They could either rule out or assist in diagnosing things like interstitial cystitis or pudendal neuralgia. I suffer from both of those things and our symptoms are similar. Please get the proper diagnosis as soon as possible. So you can be properly cared for. Praying for you!


They could also test you for endo


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