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Amitriptyline versus nortriptyline?

I currently take Amitriptyline 30mg at night which is helping the pain 50% and helping me sleep at night. I wonder if it is just the drying effects which is making me urinate less which is in turn causing my bladder to be less irritated and helping my pudendal nerve, I am also having lots of private physio. However, I have been on this for 6 weeks now and I have gained 6 pounds, with no change to my eating habits and I have also increased my exercise (currently swimming 3 times a week although only for the past 3 weeks). I was so ill before I couldn't exercise at all and I couldn't sleep at night. I gained 1.5 stone or more on Pregabalin too in only 8 weeks, and it depressed me a lot. I feel better depression wise on Amitriptyline, I feel a bit calmer, but gaining weight when I exercise more is a major concern for me. I already have a BMI of 31 so I am very overweight due to years of illness, depression, inactivity etc. Has anyone tried to swap to Nortriptyline and lost some of the weight? Can you still sleep better on Nortriptyline or is it only Amitriptyline that helps sleep? I am so upset about the weight gain as I had lost 2 stone before I went on Pregabalin, and now I have put all the weight back on. My weight is a major source of depression for me as I have low self esteem, I hate the way I look. I would love to hear from people that have managed to lose weight on Amitriptyline (feeling like my weight will never budge now) or have lost weight on Nortriptyline. I tried Duloxetine in the past but caused terrible jaw clenching. Tempted to try it again as I have come off codeine which may have been a bad mix with Duloxetine?? I managed to come off codeine since taking Amitriptyline so it is good, however, I have also had lots of headaches, and weight gain is bad. I am getting so stressed about weight but do not want to go back to insomnia and agonising bladder pain, with constant urination. I also have buttock pain due to pudendal neuralgia but I don't think Amitriptyline has helped this part much. Does slimming world etc even work when you take this kind of drug? I feel that my metabalism may have stopped working and I am getting very scared. I don't think I could live with being much fatter (I am a size 18). I have been up to a size 22 and it caused me to feel suicidal although the illness along with the weight was probably the main reason for suicidal feelings (also can't have children but that is something I am trying to live with). Mostly I get upset about the weight and the illness and feel it is unfair. I am having counselling but no amount of counselling will help me come to terms with being so unattractive and heavy. I also get upset that I can't go to the gym as I have fibromyalgia I can only swim. I want to be able to work the fat off like normal people can do. Any information on weight loss on drugs that cause weight gain would be much appreciated. Thanks Melanie

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I take 75-100mg of amitriptyline and have lost 2 and a half stone, I have been on it for about 4 years now so it is possible although I never would have attributed any of my initial weight gain to amitriptyline, more the other medication I was taking. It was when I stopped that medication that the weight dropped off. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about it and see what they can recommend, I know how upsetting I found it when no matter how much exercise I did and how much I dieted I couldn’t shift the weight.


.. I have been up and down on amitryptiline for the past 13 yrs as before my pne .I was put on it for my fms,

..i put on a bit of weight but then i lost it,i think the reason why you do gain the weight on amitryptiline is that it gives you "the munchies"as it were and you tend to eat more and probably sugary things, i have found if you drink water when you get cravings as it were or eat something that isn't very sugary ( i eat raw carrot!) after a couple of months you will lose weight but every time amitryptiline makes you feel hungry don't reach for junk food like crisps ,chocolate , or sweets or sticky buns!!!, ( i am not saying give all these foods up !! but don't give in to the amitryptiline making you " crave" them in large amounts x


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