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Ongoing pain



I had pelvic surgery October last year for a ruptured cyst. I had full open surgery with hip to hip incision. I have subsequently been getting ongoing pelvic pains. Sometimes so acute I can't stand. Always localised to one side and same area. Had ultra sound that came back clear for cysts. Been told therefore that all is okay but I get pain at least a couple times a day. Have a history of adhesions and although my g p query this no one now following anything up.

Is it normal to get pains like this?

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The answer to that is no. You shouldn't still be in pain. Get your GP to suggest an MRI to see what's going on, even better an MRN that has even better images of what's going on. MRN used to be done in Harley Street, called Med Tel, but Helen mentioned in another post that they have changed name now. No-one should have to put up with pain.

Well i ended up spending a week in hospital after collapsing in pain at work. They ran a barrage of tests, and deduced, as I expected, that I have complication with adhesions. They won't operate unless my health becomes medically compromised. So if my bowel obstructs etc. So happy and now at home on a cocktail of pain killers and have been told I may not ever be totally pain free again.

Fun times eh?

And they refuse mri due to most being any cysts present from ultra sound

Not sure why I put the word happy in previous post.

Not happy. Annoyed to be told being in pain is okay

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