Feeling faint after food

I had a bleed of varices in the oesohagus which have since been banded when I came home I felt ill it was proved I was anaemic and given iron tablets and began to feel quite well but since and over the last month after eating I feel dizzy and faint my head goes tight my ears whistle loudly I am very unsteady on my feet, at first it was discovered I had a urine infection but that has been clear for around 3 weeks my sugar levels are satisfactory and yet I am getting this horrid feeling and feel as if I might have a heart attack. I have seen my dr almost daily and had blood tests also a stool test and ultra sound on my kidneys which came back clear, the dr says something is going on but they don't know what and I dread the next meal time as given 10 mins after food I begin to feel lousy, could this be my liver but I am told my liver function test is good and in fact slightly improved?

Thanks Ann

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  • pluckyfilly, I had vertigo in Oct. and this is about how I felt, my ears are ringing right now. By Dec I had... what I thought was a panic attack, but now I don't know what is going on. I went to the ER for this and the Dr. pulled arterial blood and said my carbon dioxide was low. I think... he thought it was due to hyperventilation.Also some mornings my blood pressure will drop low and I feel faint. At those times, I can't focus my face in the mirror. I have to ly down with my legs up to get the blood back to the brain.I also have had the mild chest pain and would shake after the spell would come about.But it seems food helps me, especially drinking catoraide.


  • Hi Magonlia

    i was interested to hear about your arterial blood being low in CO2 as I had the same thing - I too was told I must be hyperventilating! Didnt think I was and didnt follow it up.

  • Since CO2 increases the acidity in the blood, low CO2 level leads to increased alkalinity in the blood. This, in turn, leads to the constriction of blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Moreover, transport of essential electrolytes for the functioning of the nervous system is also reduced. Low level of CO2 in the bloodstream, can cause cerebral vasoconstriction, thereby resulting in cerebral hypoxia

    Read more at Buzzle: buzzle.com/articles/carbon-...

    I thought that the vertigo, had set off the hyperventilation, and therefore the low CO2 with me. But I don't know. I've been reading these sites, trying to figure it out. On Tuesday, I get the test for the vertigo, if nothing happens. Maybe I can report more when I get some more facts.

  • Thankyou for that I had wondered about Vertigo but ruled it out as I dont have it all day long and sometimes after lunch dont get a problem but this is real scary to me and once out of the surgery the feeling I have is that I am not their problem! I have never in my life suffered in this way and had numerous ops also Pnuemonia and a Pulmonary Embolism and I coped with all of that - I need help but the doctors dont seem to be worried and that bothers me I couldnt put this on if I tried its genuine.


  • Just a wild guess really but do you think you are having a reaction to what you are eating? It sounds very similar to the symtoms i had when I used to drink cows milk (among a few other things) - that is why i ask.

    Food intolerance is not uncommon and can make you feel really bad. My consultant told me eat what agrees and avoid what doesnt. Whilst feeling abit unsupported at the time, i took his advice and I am so glad I did!

  • I have been tested for Coeliac (spelling) but I had also wondered about food intolerance, today I had fish fingers for breakfast and didnt get the problem but thats about the only food that I can eat and I am not sure I want to live on those alone having said that I cant cope with what I am experiencing at the moment so it might be hobsons choice. I had fish fingers as an evening meal some weeks ago and again got away with it (meaning I didnt get the faint/dizzy feeling) if I knew there was a time limit to this like a few weeks and with help from my doctor I think I could cope but already its been over a month with littlel or no improvement


  • I have been experiencing the same way after I eat on occasion. I was told that I should check my blood sugar level when it happens which I haven't done yet, just got to go buy a tester. I am already hypoglycemic that we know about. The anxiety attack feeling I started feeling that in 2005; they said I was having premature venticular contractions and unless it really bothered me then I could leave it untreated or they could give me some kind of blockers. I just left it alone but usually have them a couple times a week.

  • I feel like this a lot-not just after I've eaten, but when I've been standing up for more than a couple of mins, or doing anything. Ive been told by my GP that with auto immune diseases it is common to have autonomic dysfunction.

    This is certainly an aspect of it.

  • I am diabetic so check my sugar as told when I get this horrid feeling but its normal, thanks for your post tho appreciated Kristie

  • Pandemonium, I don't get it after standing only after food but thankyou

  • I do get this way after being up for awhile doing chores. Also right after my shower every night. I have been through enough drama in my life to make a Life Time movie, and never have had a panic attack before. I feel like it's going to take as long.... as it did to get the PBC diagnosis, which went on for years for me, and probably for the rest of you. The drs. have gave me valium, but I don't want to depend on it and seldom take it.


  • Thats the trouble I am doing nothing but sit here playing games and last night after an attack only lasting 10 mins I got up to help hubs wash up and felt so damn weak, it makes me feel really tired and if I could kick this problem I could get myself fit again


  • Hi there it sounds like you could be suffering from high blood pressure the symptoms you describe which would make sense if you have recently had an oephageal variceal bleed as increased pressure of the blood vessels causes the bleed. It would be worth investing in a blloold pressure monitor and checking your blood pressure after eating. Or it could be hypo/hyperglycaemic attacks (i.e. low/high blood sugars) and maybe the machine you are using may be faulty and not giving correct readings but only way to know for sure would be for you either to do your blood readings on another machine also and compare or to be admitted to hospital and have these measured frequently as well as other vital signs such as blood pressure heart rate etc. which if abnormal can lead to dizzy spells also. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Just the computer can make me feel dizzy at times. Maybe playing the games set yours off. Mine is not always constant, but it makes a difference if I've been doing certain things. Even bending over to wash my hair.I had to stay awake last night for I can't take my pain meds or sleep med before my test tomorrow, and am very tired. Because of that, today has been a bad day for the dizziness.


  • littlemo - I already have a blood pressure monitor and check when I get an attack sometimes its up and sometimes normal other times low as for the sugars they are checked to - found out now from the diabetic nurse they had results for my recent stool test and I have food poisoning! now have an anti biotic never in my life have I had anything like this before and I am 76 come April

    Magnolia - if I feel not too bad a game on the iPad takes my mind off my problems but if I get a real bad attack I cant concentrate and have to put games to one side the food poisoning I have been diagnosed with may or not be part or all of my problem but thank you both for your input - its good that somebody knows where I am coming from thank you sincerely


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