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does anyone have gallstones and take urso

although having been disgnosed with PBC for 4 years today I fetched my first prescription for URSO on reading the instructions i note it says that not to be taken if you have gallstones that show up on x ray. I have gall stones does anyone else out there have them and are you taking urso,

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Yes I have gallstones and yes I take Urso but the urso is for the PBC not for the gallstones. I also read that it could break the gallstones down and if it does that aswell then its a bonus. if not I have no problem with the gallstones anyway.

I did read in an online article that urso was first used to break down the gallstones but was found not to be very effective but they found it helped the PBC. No idea how true that is.

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Thank you zipitydoo. i also had read that urso was first used for the treatment of gallstones and it does say in the paperwork that it is to be used for gallstones that are not identified by x ray.

I also felt that it would be a bonus if they dissolved them but got concerned when I read the 'donts' on the paperwork. my gallstones also are not causing me a problem. Keep well and thanks again


Urso is used in PBC patients and as far as I have gathered from this site and even other information, nearly all of us with it are offered it.

Urso was originally made for patients who had gallstones of the cholesterol type as they can dissolve them within about 2yrs on urso. Zipitydoo has mentioned this also.

I've not got gallstones myself but my late mother was just discovered to be suffering from them not long before she died (nothing to do with gallbladder cause of her death). I remember that she would complain of having a griping pain after eating anything that contained fat (as she recalled later on as the day she went for a scan she was told to eat some chocolate prior as the fat would signal the gallbladder to empty, hence the pain from the stones pushing against the gallbladder opening).

I can't figure out why urso would be a problem with anyone with gallstones unless they reach a stage where they are causing one a problem) as it has to be remembered even if one has gallstones, there's could never be a problem, after all urso apparently increases the flow of bile through the system.


Hi Peridot, thanks for that. I do have gallstones that are identifiable by x ray which is a contra indication on the paperwork that comes with Urso.the gallstones are not causing me a problem.

Sadly I know more than my doctor about PBC, I have given him the foundation website address so hopefully next time I see him he may have more knowledge. its because of this that i have no faith in what he may tell more and was hoping that i could glean more info from those using URSO who have gallstones.

I have only been using this site for about 3 weeks and have already found a lot of reassurance from the questions/answers and blogs and note that you are a regular contributer. Thank you for your information and keep well


Hi jennyspringer,

Have you tried contacting the PBC foundation, you could either ring them direct or send a message to PBCRobert who works for the foundation. This may well be a question they have been asked in the past. If they do not know I am sure they will be able to point you in the right direction or even try and find out for you.

Try not to worry too much. Good luck


hi ! im so glad i found this site!! i live in the usa,12 years ago i started to itch a lot ,with no apparent reasons,went to consult with my dermato after a few months ,and after asking me a few questions sent me for blood tests!! they came back abnormal !! all my LFT were very elevated and also my cholesteral!! the ultra sound of my gall bladder revealed some stones ! i never had any pains and thought i was in good health! was sent to a wonderful gastro specialist who told me he suspected i has PBC,HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT! did some reading on it ..got my liver biopsy in 2002 and it confirmed it[beginning stage 1] started on urso right away and my blood tests improved right away!! that was 12 years ago! still have my stone!! no pains ! i try to eat a non fat diet ! i get an ultra sound every year!! my itching comes and go but is very mild !! i just turned 70, still works about 32 hours a week,takes care of my house ,my cats,etcetc...just normal fatigue! i dont smoke ,dont drink, and exercice..hope to stay that way for a lon long time!! thanks for reading urso works for me !! i also take thyroid med!! and cholesterol med 10mg!!


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