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Has anyone gained weight on Urso?

I was given urso to take for itching at night. At first I refused to take it because it stated on the info slip not to take if there is another liver condition present I have AIH/PBC overlap.

After my last appointment my consultant told me to take it as I actually should because of the PBC. I was put on 1000mg twice per day. In the course of a week..on monday my jeans fit me, by friday the same jeans would not fasten..and my middle was more rounded than I would like.

Is this a side effect of Urso..I have stopped taking it because I have weight issues and take steroids as well....does the weight gain settle down as I cannot afford to put any more weight on.

thank you


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Hi conniefused i to have put weight on since going on urso i take 6,250mg once a day .My specialist said its not related to the urso but i think it is.xx


I am on urso and steroids for 8 weeks now. I always maintained my weight by attending weight watchers. Went back 3 weeks ago after 3 months. I was much the same since I had last been there, but felt puffy (my face has certainly filled out) I started tracking and have lost a lb a week since. I am within my goal weight so not too worried but I do feel hungry all the time on the steroids. Well I have been blaming the steroids, maybe it's the urso, I take 3 twice a day.


Hi Connie I have been on the urso for more or less 10yrs and have never found that I have gained weight on it.


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