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Alt elevated

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My alt was running around 33 to 40 u/l from jan 2017 to July 2017 then in December it went 59 and now 51.. alp gradually down now average 75 to 80.. my dr is worried I might have overlap with aih but still he just want me to monitor till next 3 months..I also have reactive hypoglycemia for which I extensively diet since 8 months where I mostly eat good protein than carbs and lost 18 lbs from 163 to 145 now which is still ok for my height..anyway past 2 months I was eating junk food like burger fried chicken pizza once every day still wouldn’t able to gain weight more than 5 lbs..I’m little concern with my fluctuating alt now

Cause it is happing during my job Changing and moving to Virginia dc area from Kentucky 😭🙏

I’m of my reactive hypoglycemia friend think it might be fatty liver due to diet change what do you guys think?

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At least your doctor is pro active it would be worth checking out aih/ pbc crossover

You are doing all the right things

Good luck

After 3 years my alt went up that high

Hope your doctor gets it sorted for you and gets you on the right meds

Hi there can I ask what was your alt when first diagnosed

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Sachin1234 in reply to kimphoebe

My lab before urso in 10/14

Alp 220

AST 67

Alt 111

I was diagnosed 1/2015 after urso

Whole year

Alp 100 to 110

Alt 62 to 49

AST 33 to 28


Alp 70 to 80

AST 27 to 29

Alt 33 to 36


Alp 80 to 104

AST 27 to 36

Alt 37 to 57


Alp 70 to 85

AST 32 to 35

Alp 51 to 59

This are pattern my liver enzymes are running

Is it possible that the stress of moving house and job could impact your blood test results? Just wondering as stress does seem to effect so many things and has often been talked about amongst those of us with PBC. Hopefully you have found a good doctor and specialist in your new area.

Certainly eating a healthy well balanced diet is helpful and if you did have fatty liver but it is best to wait and see what you doctor advises.

Thanks for your reply it's interesting to see how other people lads run. My first labs were around 600 when first dx and my alp has been around 200 for the last 5 years even though on uso. Classed as nonresponder so on clinical trial now so labs are nearly within normal range.

Thank you butterfly for positive words!

After 4 years I checked all my previous lab after kimphobe asked here😁

Well in 4 years my best Normal hepatic panel was in 2016 to mid 2017 when I was traveling drinking Heavy for couple months, stressed, had ecolie diarrhea coming back from Thailand and got married 🤔

From August 2017 I started eating healthy protein, vegetables diet cut down alcohol significantly only drinking 2 to 3 glasses of wine or beer in a month for my reactive hypoglycemia. During this period I feel better my face glow but my alt went up significantly from 40 to 59 now it is 51 after 3 months👍🏼

my dr from university of Louisville is trying to dig deeper to makes sure I don’t have overlap with aih..

anyway within this 3 months I also started researching my problem in more depth as well.. that’s how I find out that that person with reactive hypoglycemia also can also have fatty liver and in liver fibrosis phase alt also drop down to normal as well 🤔my concern for 7 months was 18 lbs that I lost where my dr thought it was Normal because of diet change..I somehow didn’t believe and for 2 month I started eating junk food along with healthy food which did help me to put 5lb..

yes, I’m little stress for couple of months due to job search and now from moving anxiety 🙏🤗

No wonder your labs went up. You experienced two of the highest stress factors there are! Moving and new job are way up there on the stress list, and YES, stress can cause all sorts of physiological changes in us. I think we worry about our disorder too, so, there is another huge one!. I recently had a spike in my levels...ALT went from 583 to 730 after some major stuff went down. I started taking milk thistle and a product called Livaplex(Standard Process).

I also began drinking lots of lemon in water. Last test, my ALT was back to my normal 580's range. I cannot take URSO, so I must rely on natural methods to sooth my body. I have also found that ANY junk food, gluten, excess fat, causes problems. Such a delicate princess here.

So I eat clean, limit myself to several small meals daily. Easier for my body to handle with less discomfort. I've been doing this PBC thing for over 20 years. Best of wishes to you as you settle into your new life.

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Sachin1234 in reply to mrspeffer

Thank you for your positive words! Hope it is just a stress not other way around!

Now you give me more hope saying that you are living with out urso for 20 years

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mrspeffer in reply to Sachin1234

You are's a daunting road to travel alone. So glad this forum is here. Do try the Livaplex and milk thistle. Also, use a good digestive enzyme, especially if eating something heavy. Probiotics help too. I gave up any and all alcohol when diagnosed, so maybe give that a try too.

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Sachin1234 in reply to mrspeffer

I’m trying my best and I don’t drink like I used too which I’m very proud.. by 2018 I should be quit

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JaneIng in reply to mrspeffer

Hi Mrspeffr, it's great that you can use natural food to control and manange your liver issues. Do you still have your gallbladder? do u take bile salt supplement?



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mrspeffer in reply to JaneIng

Hi...yes I do have my gallbladder. No bile salt supplements. Hoping for a fibroscan soon to see where I'm at. I think that being vegan and practicing yoga help too. Since I have no clue how long I have on the planet, I enjoy the God moments to the fullest. Take care of yourself

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JaneIng in reply to mrspeffer

Thank you. Best luck to your upcoming scan.


I agree with others that it could be due to stress and disruption. Are you drinking a lot of water? Wishing you the very best of luck on the next go around of bloods and please keep us posted.

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Sachin1234 in reply to Ottley3

I drink at least 100 ounce.. if I drink too much water then I have to visit urinal frequent which I hate it

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