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6-week update on ocaliva


Update on me. For reference I was diagnosed with PBC in March 2017, with the levels in the parentheses below. Went on urso which was helping but then plateaued over the summer. Started Ocaliva 11/13. I was very nervous about it. Was really itchy weeks 2-4, it’s better now.

ALP from 274 to 191 ( high of 375)

ALT from 89 to 67 (high of 207)

AST from 52 to 39 (high of 139)

Still a ways to go but I’m feeling very hopeful and grateful.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and advice!


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Do you have aih as well

Ottley3 in reply to Hidden

No, just pbc.

Hidden in reply to Ottley3

Your alt is high. Did your doctor check your blood for asma and ANA please

Ottley3 in reply to Hidden

Yes I have tested negative twice for aih. Thanks.

KevinHall10_ in reply to Hidden

I am on urso and oclavia and my alt still is 133. What does that have to do with asmatha and ana. Now im curious.

Hidden in reply to KevinHall10_

It’s a marker for autoimmune hepatitis. It’s common to have pbc and aih.

Mirimaur in reply to Hidden

Your alt can be raised without having aih . It can be raised with just PBC .

Hidden in reply to Mirimaur

Yes it can but it shouldn’t elevate to high and sustain. Let’s just hope that it’s a normal alt level.

Ottley3 in reply to Hidden

My goal is normallabs so I also hope it continues. For me normalALT would be 10-49 so a ways to go.

Mirimaur in reply to Hidden

My alt was high along with my raised alp and gamma until I took Urso and then all returned to normal. I had all relevent tests and liver biopsy and was told I just had PBC. From hepatologists at Royal Free

Yahoo!! 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

Always great to hear!!

Stella ❤

That’s great progress!🌹

Good for you! Very hopeful. Thanks for sharing the good news.

Good news Ottley3

Well done

Happy New Year

Great news, so glad to hear all is reducing to normal and that you feel less itchy etc.

Happy New Year!

Going in the right direction 😀

Great news! Are you on both Urso and ocaliva?

Ottley3 in reply to JaneIng

Yes. Been on urso for 8 months 😊

JaneIng in reply to Ottley3

Thanks. :-)


Your alk phos is < 200 which is where you want it to be as per my hepatologist. Your numbers are going in the right direction. Hopefully that trend continues.

When will your doctor test it again?

Happy for you! May you have a healthy & happy 2018!!! 🤗🎉👍🏻

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