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Enlarged lymph nodes

I was diagnosed in November with PBC. Since then I have had 3

Ct scans an ultrasound and a endoscope. At first they thought I had a cyst on my pancreas at ultrasound then told it was enlarged lymph nodes at 1 st ct scan. Had the scope done and they couldn’t find anything. Then had a 3 month follow up ct scan and it says no change. Enlarged lymph nodes still there. I see the specialist tomorrow. Anyone have anything like this before?

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Yes. I have enlarged lymph nodes on the large duct from my liver to pancreas. Found it 5 years ago during an ultrasound. They just keep measuring it during a scan. It hasn't grown that much.

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I have that also in my stomach I'm going for 2nd ct scan Friday oncologist said normally she wouldn't worry about it but people with autoimmune disease tend to have more chance of malignancy so she doesn't want to take a chance but she also told me not to worry


Yes i have this too, had several ct scans, an mri and endoscopic ultrasound with biopsy. It was nothing to worry about though. Its still there 3 years on and no bigger than it was at detection. My GI said its quite common they will just keep an eye on it.


Yeh I should have mentioned I have a gastric polyp and one on my kidney. They are not woried but if I cough up blood I have to go to hospital immediately,


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