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Multi country travel insurance

Any recommendations for UK insurers for my round the world sabbatical trip? I was diagnosed in August this year and my current travel company will not insurance me if travelling between countries “all travel has to start and end in the UK” Columbus Travel.

I can get single trip for Costa Rica then use my business insurance for the US, NZ and Oz but need 31 days covered in Bali then Vietnam.


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Hello Looloojamm.

Check out Liver North website, they have up to date info on travel insurance. They can't guarantee but they are pretty confident. There is one that they state seems to insure everyone but I can't remember which it is now. I'll paste the info from newsletter here as it is featured there every time. (I tried to paste the info from said newsletter on here but won't come out set out right. So I've popped link here for their site and it's on latest newsletter 59 on page 45.)



All clear might be worth a try, very reasonable too.



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Try 'World First'. When I talked to them, their advisors were superbly up-to-date with all illnesses and issues. Plus they must have an incredibly up-to-date medical-check website, as they recognised all issues and conditions - even the alternative names for things! My GP had suggested some of these, because certain TI firms I tried didn't even know some of the conditions I had mentioned.

As they seemed so efficient, on-the ball and aware about so many thins, I would hope they can deal with your specific travel issues.


I've got cover for Australia, family of 4 all covered, with Pbc also covered for only £94 extra, so total was something like £180. They only asked have you had transplant, are you on the list for transplant, do you have oesophageal varacies, I think that's all. They may have asked about any Hosp admissions within 12 months.

Happy holidays!!





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