Where can I get annual worldwide travel insurance with having PBC

Hi, am struggling to secure annual worldwide travel insurance - FreeSpirit are able to insure me for single trips but not annual - are their travel insurance companies that will insure us with PBC with annual worldwide cover ? Free Spirit quoted - Spain for 1 week - £107 and the States for 1 week in October - £387!

Any advice greatly appreciated

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  • I got mine from puffin travel insurance, cheapest I'd found for me, they do different tiers of cover.

    Also try staysure.

    Good luck

  • Hi, I got annual cover with Saga for £140. Just make sure you call PBC by it's new name I.e. Cholangitis not Cirrhosis.

    Good luck x

  • After managing to get annual insurance sometimes with some difficulty for 17 yrs this year most insurers would only cover single or not at all. Try world first £32 single trip.......I thought that a bargain and covered 4 pre existing medical

  • I've just used get going travel it was for single trip but im sure they did annual as well.worth a look.

  • I got m and s annual for under £60 but that's not covering my pbc/aih/Sjogrens and crest. But telling them about them. I could have covered them( wasn't to much more) but as specialist is happy with bloods etc I didn't. If he wasn't I would pay the extra.

  • Hi all, thanks for all your replies, I have gone with World First, as its has covered me, under the medical condition, Primary Biliary Cholangitis , thanks Gioielli for this information and spoul for pointing me in the direction of World First xx

  • Your welcome happy holidays 😊☀️

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