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Second diagnosis

Hi everyone.

I saw my heptologist on the 9th, my fibroscan was good, no scarring on my liver. He gave me a second diagnosis though of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis as well as PBC. I have to get blood test in 3weeks and get an MRCP as soon as it's ins approved. I still have this gut feeling that there was damage done to my bile ducts when i had an emergency gallbladder removal. They did an endoscope and once i came out of the anesthesia they put me back under and took me to same day surgery to remove my gallbladder. Ever since that I wasn't the same. Than 7months later during routine bloodwork my liver enzymes were elevated. It just doesn't make sense.

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Hi Y-now, I didn't know it was possible to have PBC and PSC , thot it was one or the other. Why does he think both? Re your surgery, is it possible to get a copy of the surgical notes dictated after the surgery? Might give information about problems during GB removal. You are right--some things sound odd...please post results after further testing. Good luck


Hello Y-now.

Didn't know you could acquire both. Is it possible that you were originally diagnosed with PBC but it was misdiagnosed and it is PSC.

That is of course if you were originally diagnosed with PBC without a biopsy that is said to be a definite diagnosis due to the cell changes. I never had a biopsy for diagnosis. I am in the UK and I had itching and fatigue as symptons I knew about in 2010, was then found I had abnormal blood tests and then I had an antibodies check.

I have a brother-in-law whose wife was diagnosed with PSC several years ago and she had certain health problems (bowel issues were one) that are associated with PSC but I've never encountered any of those.

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You are right. That does sound weird. Where did you have the surgery?


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Hi i was diag in 2008 picked up on routine bloods been on urso for around 3yr had a bone scan came back better than average for age which is strange as i don t eat cheese yogs only have milk in coffee going forbmy first fibroscan in sept not sure what that shows had a few abdo scans but now started having toilet troubles think tummy becoming unhappy with foods speci tomatoe and onions not sure whatvyhe psc thing is i also have fibromyalgia


Hi , I have been having a lot of food a issues, I believe that's why I've loss my appetite. Psc is Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Destruction of the bile ducts, where as PBC is more the liver (at least that is how my interpretation is) I've read that having both is rare but not impossible.

It's basically a little bit of a mystery .... my medical issues have never been straight forward... story of my life.


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