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Trouble losing weight

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post although I joined a while ago. I live in a small town, and it is so nice and encouraging to know I'm not alone in this, and to have support of others who are experiencing the same issues. I was diagnosed with PBC last September, biopsy showed stage 2-3. Thankful that I'm responding well to Ursodiol, and Zoloft helps with the itching and my general mood. I believe it started when I was pregnant with my first child and have read there is a link with pregnancy and thyroid issues. I cannot seem to get the weight off since the birth of my second daughter 3 years ago. Has anyone else had trouble losing weight? Frustrated...

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Hi Aspengirl

This is such a good question and one which I think may impact on quite a few of us. I am in my 60s and have always struggled with my weight but in the last couple of years I have been determined to lose some of the weight to help my heart and my liver. I am quite pleased that last year I dropped a dress size and I thought this summer I would have the same beneficial results however I have not been able to drop more than a couple of pounds so far this year. It is discouraging but I have not been able to exercise as I did last year as I had an operation on my toe. However as soon as my toe will let me I shall get back to walking for at least half an hour 4-5 times a week. I have already cut back on carbs which really seemed to help last year. I should also say that this year the weather in Great Britain has been a tad more than wet! When it is raining I use a static bike for exercise.

Could you join or start a group for ladies who want to lose weight in your small town so that you can support each other and share recipe ideas? And maybe find some people to have a walk with - chatting and walking does make the time go so quickly. All of this of course depends on whether or not you suffer with the fatigue of PBC. I should think looking after little ones keeps you pretty busy.

hope you manage to achieve some of your goals, I think I remember someone suggesting that it is best to set small achievable goals.

best wishes


Hi Aspengirl, my weight went up dramatically after diagnosis. It didn't matter what I did, I joined a gym, had 3 P/T sessions a week, strict diet and I didn't lose an ounce. I was so unhappy, every time I spoke to my doctor or consultant they just shrugged their shoulders an said some patients gain weight. That's the bad news, the good news is I read an article about an app that had had great success. I downloaded the easy loss VGB app, not believing for a minute it would work, and I've lost

3 stone!!!! without dieting. It's nothing new just healthy eating and 30 minute relaxation sessions but it works and all you pay for is the app £4:99 in the apple store. My doctor was amazed ( she told me I'd just need to be fit and fat ☹️) she made a note of the app to pass on to patients who may struggle to lose weight. It's worth checking out. Hope it helps x


No, not at all, I am at the lightest I've been for most of my adult life. I think its very easy to blame so many other things for not losing weight, but you have to be completely honest with yourself about what exactly you do eat. I follow Weight Watchers, its been the making of me!!!


Hi I'm with you, I was always very small, US size 2 and UK six I was diagnosed over a year ago and only recently started on Urso! Out of nowhere my weight went up by 2 and half stone (I live in Ireland I'm not sure in pounds) I didn't change what I was eating or my routine. I've always been a healthy eater and now I can't shift the weight at all. I started with a trainer and Pilates. I've been very sick for the past year and if anything I was eating less. I can't shift the weight at all. I've never been like this it's very depressing. I had been doing well over the last few weeks whilst on the Urso and now I feel I'm becoming unwell again. I live in a small town also and don't know anyone else who lives here that has PBC. I hope you find something that works for you, it is very frustrating when the weight won't come off. Good luck 😉


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