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Weight gain in middle


I'm sure there are questions about this on here, but I'm at work and don't have time to search. I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and lost a big chunk (60 lbs) about 7 years ago and had slowly due to stress and life circumstances gained 25 of it back. The thing is that I have been dieting again and have lost about 5 of it, slowly, and notice that I have a weird shaped pudge in my middle. My lower stomach was always bigger on me, but now my middle is and its the last part to lose. I put on a skirt for work this morning that I know that I was wearing even 8-10 months ago, (i'm only about 5 lbs different either way) than I was then and it seems tighter then it was then only in the waist. I had read on here somewhere that people with PBC tend to gain around their middle more, but I am 45 and it could be just getting closer to middle age spread? I am not an exerciser and with the PBC the past 2 years have become even more sedentary. I know I need to move, but the fatigue gets me. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hello NotorDJP.

Well I reached 50 in April and for me so far so good. Apparently it is quite the norm for older women to start putting a bti of weight on round the midriff. I personally don't think it is PBC-related unless one has a known problem with PBC that could cause this. Everything starts to 'go South' as we age and skin loses elasticity as can muscle tone. Not a good thought is it but it's the ageing process that we cannot halt. I now understand why a lot of retired people say that they feel young inside but th eir bodies don't reflect it. I don't feel 50 at all.

I started going through the change 18mths ago now and always used to gain a bit of stomach bloating around that time each month (though I had 13 cycles every year prior to 2013).

I dont' suffer from fatigue so for me that is a plus I guess. I do take regular walks and on the go all the time. I know I am in the UK and weather is a bit of a bind at times unless you are a duck (!) but a walk to a shop, a long route to get somewhere, etc., it all can help to keep us ticking over that bit better I am sure.

I know some medications can also cause unwanted weight gain too. (I am only taking urso and I find that a bind.)

I have PBC and the same middle "fat." It could be water retention. Last year I was in the hospital for esophageal varices. They did the TIPS procedure on me, but first drained 30 lbs of water retention from my stomach area. I am trying to watch the salt intake but can see the water retention returning. I'd ask the doctor if this is what is going on.

I'm not far enough along with PBC to be having acsites. I've been tested recently and there were none on the scans. I think salt intake is what gets me, but mine is actual fat, not water. I'm heavier than I was, so I know that is some of it. But it has gotten next to impossible to lose anymore.

I have the same problem having an under active thyroid doesn't help. I walk ad much as i can but going to the gym just makes me tired thinking about it. What about riding a bike it may help. Keep smiling. Xxx

Yes I'm the same.have put on weight through worry but from having a wasp waist I've got this odd and sometimes uncomfortable roll of fat.find myself staring at other ladies of a similer age to see if they have one too!!thought it was menapause but seems to have happened relatively quickly .now buying stretchy skirts and loose tops.all my beautiful fitted dresses just hanging in wardrobe.ive literally starved myself for days and not lost an ounce!used to be able to drop a pound a day.i walk twice a day.work full time and look after 90 year old parents so hardly sat down.think I need a magic wand

NotorDJP in reply to cazz22

Yes! This! I didnt have a wasp waist though

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