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DETOX for the liver with PBC

i have PBC for 25 years and am 48. I have had my ups and downs with this disease but not until recently I wanted to do some detoxing at a cellular level. There are different catagories of detox and how it affects people. I just got G-cell and Bind from Dr. Pompa. He is a chiropractor but studies vastly in cellular detoxing. I was wondering if anybody has head anything bad pertaining to this or this product? I am also so aware we have so many toxins in this world. 100x more than 20 years ago. This is why i thought about this and if the liver isn't clean than nothing we take in can be fully utilized and absorbed. ie. vitamins and minerals and the food toxins that will accumulate..

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Please do a little more research into the 'fact or fiction' side of detoxing before expending a lot of time and money. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that it is a scam.


I thought that anything more we take will make our liver overwork and this is bad for Pbc as our liver is already struggling.


Hello lisababs.

I am in agreement with Rosehip19. Personally to me the only way to try to de-toxify ourselves to give our livers a better chance is to eat the best possible diet that we can do. I try to cut out additives and for me certain things like fizzy 'pop' (or soda as our American friends say) are a big no-no. I rarely touched pre-diagnosis in 2010 anyway so no problem there for me. Cutting down on fats too might be of some help as it then means we need less bile.

I don't use certain cleaning products (for eg in the 33yrs I have not lived at home I am only on my 3rd can of spray furniture polish as I don't think it is needed plus I have never been a smoker nor lived with any either since leaving home), I don't buy over-excessively with bathing or beauty products as to me, 'less is best' maybe.

Don't know if I am right and maybe it might just be pot luck regarding how we acquire certain health issues that we know we didn't cause (ie being a smoker we'd know if we had lung issues).

I am also sceptical about certain vitamins, minerals, etc as to be made they have to be mixed with certain additives if taken orally by mouth. Even the urso tablets we take is made with fillers of which some are notso great. Plus of course I think fair to say that we do not know where certain health supplements really come from. I have to say that I'm more your have to see certain things for myself and have some proof first.


Be very careful about taking these as I was told not to take anything unless it is necessary because our livers are already working harder to clear things from our bodies, I know vitamins are not tested and approved by anyone so be especially careful some are actually very harmful to the liver and body in general.....

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My daughter in law is from Peru, she had stomach, liver problems, controls them with healthy eating and each morning drinks a cup of warm water with the juice from an organic lemon and 1 tablespoon of pure organic honey. Drink each morning wait 1 hour before eating. She says that is a natural detox for the liver. I am trying it, can't imagine any harm lemon and honey could do.


Yes i heard that lemon in warm water first thing does wonders for the cleaning proces. You can add cin and honey and cayenne too


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