dry eyes and throat

Does anyone else deal with dry eyes and throat (and nose too)?

My right eye takes a lot longer to open in the morning (like an hour to fully open). It's weird. My throat is constantly dry, even when I'm drinking something and my nose feels like I'm catching a cold - but for awhile now and no cold.

Anyone else experience this? Just wondering if I should be looking at the artificial tears (is that what someone uses when their eyes are dry)?


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  • Yes I have dry eyes and a dry mouth I use eye drops natural tears I have Sjogrens and stage 2 PBC comes with both I suck on sugar free hard candy and sip water.

  • I have been prescribed Biotene oral balance for my dry mouth. It is very handy when you wake in the night and your mouth seems to be stuck together.

    Also Systane balance for my eyes which at the moment are causing no problem but good to have to keep it that way.

    I saw a consultant about sjogrens and he changed what the doctor had prescribed to this.

  • is the Biotene a pill or something you drink? I've never heard of it. Do you have Sjogrens?

  • Biotene is a gel in a tube. You put a small bit in your mouth and move it around with your tongue and it lubricates it -- well that is my method and it does the trick. I don't know if I have sjogrens or not , he didn't really say but I go back again next month and will see if I get a definite answer. I'm sure a lot of us have a dry mouth, I suppose it depends on the extent. Perhaps someone has more knowledge of this ?

  • thanks for the information :)

  • Hi Becca 75

    I have noticed that since my diagnosis of pbc I have had similar symptoms including dry mouth and eyes. In fact the dry eyes I think I have for a while had been using eye drops as I thought it was to do with long hours in front of the laptop, tablet and phone. The Biotene mentioned by Oidra is also available in a mouth wash - I bought it recently from Boots the Chemist. Not cheap though. I mentioned the dry eyes to my Optician and he suggested Hyabak drops again got from Boots. More expensive than prescription fee so might ask my Gp to include on prescription for Urso.

    At certain times of the month I also get a dry itchy nose, not really sure what can be used to alleviate this.

  • okay good to know ...I'll mention it to my dr. next week when I go (my family dr) then I see my liver specialist on the 28th

  • I have secondary sjorgrens and have severe dry eye with no tear production at all. I attend dry eye clinic at hospital every 6 months and am prescribed clinitas drops for daytime and duolube for night time, I also have punctal plugs. Eyes very gritty and hard to open in the morning. it's a horrible thing not being able to cry if i'm upset.

  • oh wow - that's horrible :( My dry eyes are just irritating at this point. I can still cry tears so that's good.

    I'm sorry - that must be awful.

  • I have the same problems I use eye drops and the biotene gel for dry mouth which I get on prescription with salivix pastilles. I also like the lemon and mint RIcola sugar free sweets you can get from health food shops and some supermarkets. I find the worst part for me is the difficulty I have with swallowing some foods. My Gp called it Sicca syndrome but consultant said it was secondry sjogrens but not sure if that's one of the same thing.

  • I suffer with dry eyes although at moment there not to bad. I struggled to find anything that helped ease it. Doctor tried me on all sorts. Optician told me to ask doc for XAILIN night. It's like putting vaseline in your eyes but it's brilliant. I don't have dry mouth. But constantly feel as if i have cold coming and have splits up my nose, which I can't get to heal. Im due at docs for a review on urso so might mention it Or I might not. All these little things had enough of them all 😂😂😂

  • Becca75 Hi there! I also have the dry eyes, used to use artificial eye drops, but lately I use Borasic Powder. I take a little boiled water,let it cool off, and put a little bit, less than quarter teaspoon in about 125 ml water, and then I bath my eyes in that, or wet cotton in the solution and stroke cotton over my eyes. Helps for me. I do not do it every day, helps for quite a few days at a time. For my dry mouth I use a little Glycerine, and it really helps and is inexpensive (both of them) . The nose is sort of fine. Go well. Wonderful to have you all, as other people think we are just making up all these little irritations

  • I use a gel for my eyes & sugar free lemon drops for my mouth x

  • Hi Becca75

    I suffer from dry eyes but use Systane Ultra daily. Certainly in the morning and before bed but if they are uncomfortable during the day I use it again. Every day I bathe my eyes with Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash. I do not use the eye bath but bathe them with an eye cleansing pad. More recently I have noticed that I have more trouble with my throat than I used to, it is an odd sensation.

    I think also Visco Tears is a good alternative.

    best wishes

  • I'm no expert but could be an allergy to something, I have similar symptoms and I'm allergic to a few things, I now have steroid nose drops.

  • I keep saying I'm allergic to work. In all honesty I think it has something to do with the air conditioning. I sneeze and nose starts running when I get in there doesn't help with dry eyes either 🙄

  • Hi Becca51

    I have severe dry eye also. HyloForte (artificial tears) is excellent. I recommend that you have your tear ducts plugged also. It helps greatly. Get a referral to see an Eye Consultant (Opthalmologist) & they will plug the ducts in a couple of minutes. I had this done a couple of years ago & have been wearing my contact lens since. Constantly drinking water helps with dry mouth symptoms. Hope things improve for you.

  • Hi Rebecca, I feel for you! I have pbc and Sjogrens, Ive found that I get bad sinus headaches with the dry nose, so at night I use a spray that is sea water- they use it for babies I believe. It works great. Ive recently read that if you put a dab of caster oil (organic) on your eyelid at night so as it barely touches the eyelashes, it helps dry eye with the added benefit of giving you a deep sleep. I do this and I crash out until morning! you can experiment with how many nights you do this according how dry your eyes are, I dont need drops the next day. So far I have managed all my Sjogrens symptoms myself, the less medication the better as far as Im concerned.

    Maybe this will help you and any others who want to experiment. Kandiepat

  • awesome thanks! :)

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