Help for Dry Eyes ! Hoorah !

Help for Dry Eyes ! Hoorah !

I wanted to share my discovery, in the hope it may help some of you who are suffering.

I have suffered with dry eyes for a number of years & tried various prescribed ointments & over the counter remedies, all of which only gave short lived relief.

However, about a month ago I sent for an 'eye wheaty bag mask', and I have to say it's the best £10 I have ever spent. Night & morning I stick it in the microwave for 1 minute & then cover my eyes with it for about 3/4 minutes. ( the instructions actually only advise 40 seconds) The heat stimulates the numerous oil glands in the eyes, & for me it has worked to such an extent, that I no longer use anything else. It has been wonderful.

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  • Hello Dieselwales.

    Interesting to read, at least it's not a case of having to take medications. Know of wheat bags for aches and pains that you can put in the microwave but not heard of these particular ones.

    My eyes seem perfectly fine and I wouldn't say I have dry eyes that we can get with having PBC.

    I know since I hit 50 a year ago I did start waking up of a morning certainly feeling my eyes which is probably due to broken sleep through the night due to the itch. I tend to have a bath every morning (I don't use a bath product every time and I must say I do feel better skinwise during the day, probably due to getting rid of all those bile salts that have leeched out of the skin pores due to the itch) and in the time I am in, the warm water (never hot) does iron out the facial creases and hydrates the skin and also round my eyes and I do go downstairs looking quite alive.

  • I wonder if heat pads like these would also be helpful to those who suffer with the liver pain. Having looked at the website they offer different shapes and sizes for different parts of the body. I like the look of the over shoulder and down the back item as I rarely wear anything with sleeves due to the itch. In winter I often need a way to keep my back warm (usually wear sleeveless fleece). I shall certainly be trying the shape for the eyes as I also suffer with dry eye.

    thank you for sharing

  • Hope it works for you butterflyEi.

  • I suffer terribly with dry eyes, I have prescription eye drops, I am going to purchase one of these eye masks, hope it works for me😉

  • Hi Dinny, I was told years ago by the eye department at the hospital, not to rely on eye drops as your eyes stop lubricating themselves, so for years I have bathed my eyes night & morning with cotton wool pads dipped in relatively hot water, which was a bit of a faf, but worth it . But i only have to lie back with the eye mask on now, it certainly works for me.

    If your eyes are very dry, I would encourage the oil glands to start producing again by applying the eye mask every hour or so, until you only have to use it a couple of times a day. In my case, I can go some days with only applying once 😊.

    I am confident it will work for you. Good luck.

  • Hi Dieselwales, I was also told to bathe my eyes with hot water morning and evening, I agree it is such a faff and I don't always do it 😟 thanks for sharing the information, very kind of you 😉

  • Really happy this works for some people. Unfortunately sjorgrens syndrome has attacked my tear ducts to such an extent that I no longer produce any tears. I have had punctual plugs to both eyes and am reliant on ointment at night and drops every hour during the day. If I get upset I cannot cry as no tears are produced, I am profoundly sad about this as the ability to express emotion through tears has been taken away from me.

  • Hi nomorepies, unfortunately it won't help everyone. Your condition must be so uncomfortable & painful for you. Hopefully, medical science will find a way to resolve the problem in the not too distant future.

  • Thanks for the tip I have dry eye syndrome too and can barely produce tears which very weird when u do feel emotional. Must give this a try c if it helps. X

  • Thanks for the information Dieselwales, I have had dry eyes for a long time but I wear contact lenses. I wonder if it is alright to use the mask when you're using contacts. Do you have a Website so I can get more information.

  • Hi alpha3

    Their web site address is You may have to consult your own optician for advice .

    Good luck.

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