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Weight gain

Hi I was diagnosed with pbc in June but been on ursofalk since April in June my dose was higered to 500mg twice a dau and I weighed 10 stone but since then my weight has been going up very quickly and im now 11 stone I do litslitsif walking and lifting abd running around 4/5 days a week as I'm a nursery nurse and I have been watching what i eat aswell. Does anyone know if this is to do with the medication or the condition? Not very happy as i have been struggling to lose weight and had lost over 6 stone healthily in just under a year and really dont want it goinup again. up

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I also find it hard to lose weight but I have an under active thyroid as well, have you been checked for that? Well done on your current weight loss that's amazing.

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Hello Lilbear89.

Could well be that due to taking the urso now your digestive system is fairing better hence the recent weight gain but it seems a bit excessive to me in such a short space of time.

I've been taking urso since December 2010 and I had started itching early 2010. I had lost around half a stone over a couple years but I did have a very energetic working life and at the time it involved running up and down staircases a lot plus it was a manual employment.

Since taking the urso I've not gained any weight, mine seems to have remained quite static. I think in my case due to itching later at night these days and throughout the night, by moving about I am burning energy. I do not tend to eat after the evening meal and find in my case I can eat like a horse early part of the day and then at noon but as the day goes on my appetite starts to taper off. I am 52 now and more than likely for me partly due to age too.

As Jml123 states, it might be best to have a word with your doctor and see what he/she reckons.

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