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Does ursodiol/actigall/ursofalk give you foggy head?

Hi all, recently my bloodwork showed positive AMA and I was prescribed ursodiol. I also take Creon as well because I've found it helps with digestion. I find ursodiol gives me a foggy head. Does this happen for anyone else? I'm asking because I'm trying to determine whether I have "regular" PBC or some additional health issues?

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What were the other tests/reasons given for diagnosing you with PBC?

I assume you had abnormal liver function tests, in addition to the presence of AMAs ... or did you have a biopsy? I don't take Urso, yet, so I'm afraid I can't help about the headaches, so I hope someone else can give advice.

I only have AMAs (have had for about 24 years, with no other diagnostic criteria or symptoms) and therefore I don't have PBC.

Could it be stress? It is very common for people just diagnosed with PBC.

Try to have fun, do things you enjoy, spoil yourself (while also, of course, getting plenty of exercise and eating a good PBC-aiding diet - check in with the PBC Foundation ... link at the top of the page ... to get guidance. Stress is the worst thing for all automimmune conditions, and it definitely gives me headaches.

Take care.

I hope you get some answers.


I do suffer with brain fog seems to be something that is talked of now instead of being forgetful. It makes me mad when I am talking about lighting and the word heating pops out of my mouth and other similar events! I am trying to keep laughing though.


I found some information on brain fog and PBC and PBC can cause brain fog - I posted (in a new post) some Information I found from the Canadian PBC society and one of the questions is related to Brian fog - just scroll through the questions


Fill my urso at Walgreen's. Filled once at CVS and it didn't work. Went to a compounding pharmacy and that urso didn't work. Now only fill at Walgreens. Capsules contain different fillers from different mfgers and affect people differently. Feel great when taking Walgreen version and no brain fog!.


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