Pain on my right side

I'm a 59 year old women having just been diagnosed with stage one pbc. I started taking ursodiol 300 mg twice a day two days ago. Yesterday I started getting a sharp pain on my right side near my lower rib cage. The pain is intermittent as I move around. I'm very worried this is a symptom of pbc or can it be just a pulled muscle? Can anyone help me?

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  • Hi Dahlia54

    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago so not an expert but I do get a pain in my right side too especially when I try to go to sleep at night. Don't know if its became stronger since going on urso or I am just more aware of it because of the diagnosis. But it seems to be a common symptom of PBC. If you are worried I would get it checked out anyway. Could still be a pulled muscle or something else entirely. Hope your keeping well otherwise.

  • Thank you for your response. I hope you are doing well too.

  • Thank you still coming to terms with it but getting there. Think it takes a while. Be kind to yourself and this is a great place to share...

  • I get a fluttering feeling too. Nothing to bad just concerning. On the 6th I'm having my biopsy. Stress is winning over my life if I don't make changes and fast. Pbc thrives on stress

  • It says on the leaflet that comes with urso if you develop right upper sided pain to see your doctor. I thought it was strange because I already had the pain before I started urso, but it maybe a problem if you didn't have the pain till you started the urso. If you know what I mean

  • Hi Dahlia54

    I sometimes get this if I've eaten something fatty or spicy.It usually wears off after 2 or 3 hours. I'm not on urso though. Does your pain get worse after food or is it all the time?

  • Hi, I have just been diagnosed with pbc 6 days ago. I haven't had a biopsy yet so have not been started on any meds. I was wondering if your not taking urso what do you take? I was hoping there was a more natural way to treat the disease...

  • I was diagnosed with PBC 6 years ago when I went to the GP about the pain in my side.

    This is the only real symptom I have with PBC, mine lasts for a few seconds as I eat and swallow , it's as if someone has stabbed me . I also find it uncomfortable to sleep on that side and as someone else has mentioned above , it's often when I've eaten some sort of food ( in my case chocolate or cream or greasy food .

    I stopped taking Urso after 6 months as it didn't agree with me and the pain was there before Urso.

    I have learnt through different sites, that there is a liver capsule around the liver that causes the pain when the liver is swollen or inflamed .

    If it's bothering you I would go and get it checked out.

  • Thank you.

  • I was diagnosed three days ago, I have had that right side pain for about 6 months intermittently.

    But I also a few years back had gall bladder issues with pain in the same area and it was made worse if I ate creamy foods. I was not sure if the PBC has irritated my gall bladder or if it is a common liver twinge with this condition.

    I never got to mention my side effects as the Dr was a bit vague all round.

    I am writing all mine down for the next appt.

    I would definitely get it checked out as worrying will not be beneficial to your days and nights.


  • Thank you

  • had.pbc for 18yrs...i get theright sidepain snd fluttery /bubbly feeling its just one of the things that goes with territory.

    i donk think its one to worry about... you will get used to it. best wishes cazer. x

  • cazer Thank you for your reply.

  • I'm so glad you mentioned the fluttery bubbly feeling. I get intermittent pain but I got the bubbly feeling a few days ago and it freaked me out. I also bent down to my right and felt like my liver had flipped (only way I can describe it). 🙄

  • yes it feels like my liver gets stuck under the edge of ribcage. x

  • In that case I almost feel normal 🙂

  • glad to hear my wierd symptoms have reassured you... ha ha.!!! cazer.

  • Well it's good we can giggle about it 😂. Thanks

  • yes its the best way forward i find..... and half the gps are fairly clueless on the symptoms... mine told me that I know a lot more about the pbc than she does. x

  • Oh I know that feeling well. 🙄. Good luck moving forward. It's still early days for me as for me as diagnosed last June. 🙂👍

  • I too have a dull pain most of the time on my right side - my dr seems to think it is just a pulled muscle because the area is damaged with my liver but it's been going on for quite some time :(

  • most of the consultants acknowledge the liver painxx

  • mine isn't a consultant - she's a liver specialist (is that what a consultant is there?) anyway i was surprised when she didn't say it was necessary related to the PBC - but in any case it's there .don't know what it means -but it's there.

  • liverspecialist is probably a consultant a higher level than normal doctors.

    they might want to check there's not a another cause but my has turned out to be liver pain. xxcazed

  • it's probably my liver but i was just surprised when she didn't acknowledge it - but i might bring it up again when I see her in May. :) xx

  • yes i had people just ignore me when i mentioned it... now I know what it is with me at least im reassured and its one less thing to be mystified about!!! x cazer

  • Pain on the right hand side, under the ribs can be gall stones. Everybody has them, but if they move about they can be very painful. I was told if pain is very bad and lasts for more than 24 hours then to go to either the Liver Clinic at my hospital or go to A&E.

  • I know for me - i had my gallbladder removed when over 10 years ago - so it's the liver.

    so when they say if the pain is really 'bad' to go in - what would you compare that to? like how bad is bad? mine is pretty much a dull pain that comes and goes.

    have you ever had to go in because of that pain?

  • Thats a very good point - how bad is bad? I guess if its more than you can bear and it lasts longer than 24 hours! But no, I've never had to go in...

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