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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies, that did bring up another question though. How important is it to stay away from dairy products 2 hours before and after taking the Urso? I only have a little bit of lactose free milk in my coffee and sometimes, specially in winter I want a last cuppa, but then can't because of the 2 hour thing. Would that make such a big difference?

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  • I've never been told to stay away from dairy products when taking urso. I just take mine after every meal & have no issues. In fact this is the first I've heard of it. X

  • I take my urso with milk and don't have an issue, hope that helps x

  • I've not heard of dairy being any problem,  I have porridge or yogurt and fruit for breakfast then my Urso and don't seem to have any problem.  I wonder why you thought this did you read something about it? I would be interested in looking into it. 

  • I've been taking Urso since 2009 and not had any problems with milk, I've not heard of anyone having problems with milk/urso. 

  • Hi Lekkerbek

    I take my Urso before I go to bed at night.  I recently read the leaflet that comes with my tablets and although it recommends starting the doses throughout the day after a short while it suggests that all tablets are taken at night.  Professor Neuburger also in an article in the Bear Facts magazine suggested this.  I think it makes it easier to take them with water before bed,

    best wishes

  • In Bear Facts it does state that you can take the urso all at once but I've also read in it previously it doesn't seem to be a problem taking the urso at varying times in the day or as you think fine by yourself as long as you take it every day.

    I have experimented over the last few years with the urso, taking it at various times and last year I took it all at once with breakfast but for the 3 days I did this I started to itch intensely later morning, something I never normally do so for me it's not viable.

    I was originally on 300mg tablets (took 2 daily) that were known as Urdox but when these were withdrawn in 2013 I got 150mg tablets and they aren't coated like my original ones.  I find you get the awful acrid taste from the tablets if I take with water so I prefer to take mine with food.  I feel for me twice daily is by far better.

    I know that if you have gallstones and that is what the urso was prescribed for it does state on the patient info leaflet that the usual is to build the urso up and then take the lot at night after.

  • That's news to me.  I have porridge for breakfast and milk in my tea throughout the day. I take 2 X 500mg tablets per day.  One after breakfast and one after my evening meal.  I think I was told to take them at times that best suited me.

  • Hello Lekkerbeck.

    New to me regarding 'to stay away from dairy products 2 hours before and after taking urso'.  I've never been informed of this, my tablets just state to 'take with or after food'.  I take my first 2 urso (I am on 600mgs daily) with  breakfast that consists of a cereal usually that has either warm or cold milk added.  I've no lactose intolerance, never have so continue to have milk (usually semi-skimmed but use skimmed in coffee or tea).  I see it that it is an excellent form of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

  • Hello everybody, I read in the leaflet  that is antacid that has to be be taken 2 hours before or 2 hours after urso,you can take with milk.

  • I have osteoporosis and have to take two Caltrate (calcium) tablets per day - I was told by the pharmacist not to take it two hours before or after Ursofalk. Perhaps that's where the idea of not having any milk close to taking your Urso came from, just a thought.   

  • Thank you very much everyone, this is a great help. I just cant remember who told me to take it that way, but for longer than a year now, Ive been having cereal with hot water only, lol, so used to it now. I have been taking it on a empty stomach though? Will have to change that I think. Thanks for your time, I will now have my coffee, with milk! 

  • I am on 1500 mgs three times a day. It seems a lot compared to what everyone else it taking and I am wondering why. I take 3 500mg pills  - one with each meal but since I also have hypothyroidism I have to take those pills early am BEFORE food. Then I wait 30 minutes then take pantoprazole 40 mg, then wait 30 minutes have coffee and breakfast and my first Urso pill. I had to get an app because of so many different times. Then one Urso at lunch, i at dinner and one ranitine before bed.

    And to think this all happened over the last few years because up to 2011 I was on no pills at all. I have not kept track of what happens but I did notice itching more than usual at times which might have to do with when I take these pills - 

    will keep you posted.

    As far as dairy goes - I love ice cream and have not given that up yet - holding out since wine is gone now - I need some bad stuff. Just kidding.

    Onward we go.

  • The reason each person's Urso dose varies is because it is a weight based calculation that is used when determining the dose. 12-15 mg per kg body weight. As we all vary in weight so too will our Urso dose! 


  • Lekkerbek   I have no problem using dairy products, just gluten

  • Like other I have had no advice fron my dr. About avoiding any foods.  That being said, my thyroid meds and calcium must be taken at least an hour apart. Hope that helps.

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