All Bloodwork Came Back Normal

I just got an email from my doc - all my bloodwork came back in the normal ranges - all the liver enzymes, thyroid, Vitamin D, and even cholesterol!

I've been on Ursodiol and Vitamin D, not drinking, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables for 3 months, and it worked for me. I am so excited by this news, I just had to write a post about it. I will do a more detailed post later. Yay!

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  • Yay! Its nice to see some good news. I take it you will continue with the Ursodiol though. Enjoy the good news. Xx

  • Ursodiol for life! Thanks, June :)

  • Awesome! So will you continue to take Urso & Vitamin D, since levels have improved! :) Or will your doc decrease dosage now or will you stay the same? I have another week left of Urso before I get new bloodwork done to see if Urso changed the levels in anyway, if so then my doc will officially diagnose me with PBC.

  • Hello hello808.

    As far as I know the urso dosage remains the same regardless of our liver function test (and GGT) returning to normal levels as can do. The exception would be perhaps having the dose adjusted for weight gain as the urso is prescribed on weight.

    I was diagnosed Dec 2010 with PBC and started urso. For me my LFTs (liver function test) did take a drastic drop over the first year on urso but then started to slow down. My LFTs have not remained to normal levels but they have not changed much since they did drop, remained quite stable. Apparently with PBC and even taking the urso we are not expected to have normal LFTs again but it can happen with the urso.

    Good news chynablue, what I like to hear, it gives everyone that boost with the PBC.

  • Thank you peridot! Very helpful to know.

  • hello808, I will continue Ursodiol, but stop the prescription strength Vitamin D. The doc wants me to take Vitamin D 800IU daily, which is available without prescription. Good luck with your bloodwork! Keep us updated :)

  • Hello chynablue, thank you for letting me know! And I def will keep you all updated! :)

  • Chynablue. This is wonderful news,I am delighted for you. So good to hear some good news from our group. Keep on doing what you do

  • Chynablue, that is fantastic news, thank you for sharing it xx

  • Amazing news;) keep up the good work. ;) I hope for these good results at my next check up. Xxx

  • Delighted for you.

  • chynablue ~thank you so much for sharing your good news! It's good to hear what you did to be well, too. Can't wait to hear more. Have a great day :)

  • Great news Chynablue, keep up the good work and keep in touch

  • Well done! So happy for you and thanks for sharing!

  • Well done you! Absolutely wonderful , keep up the good work!

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