PBC Foundation

For everyone has pbc

I'm here for my husband who has pbc

I read everyday your concern about symptoms that everyone has

I just want to tell you all my opinion

I lose too much hair

My memory is getting bad

Have low vitamin D

Have low potassium

Sometimes have bloating

I'm 35 and don't have any medical issues

So don't worry 😉

Not everything belongs to pbc

Stay strong and hopeful

I wish you all have great 👍 life

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Haha - great advise! Thanks for reminding us to lighten up a bit and be thankful for what we have and can do!


Great to hear someone so positive xxxxxxx


Thanks I have similar symptoms took a while to accept this was my new body and to move on and live with it thanks for the smile 🙂

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It's always great to stay positive. I'm taking urso everyday and feel fine. I live my life and honestly don't think about it.

I'm greatful for the medication workkng for me. My itching has subsided so much I don't need to be taking medication for that anymore.

I work full time. Have a husband and 2 children. Sure I get tired but I'm sure lots of people do.

I sometimes tell myself suck it up and deal with it. It could be way worse. :)

So some advice for everyone with pbc, just try to enjoy what you have and try not to focus on the negative but positive. I realize I may have it better than others but be greatful to be alive and e joy life to the best you can.

:) :)


I was diagnosed with PBC in 1988 and am still living a full and otherwise healthy life. Yes I have had a couple of hiccups over the years but generally I feel just like everyone else.

Get on with enjoying life. My consultant told me back in 88 that I would die with PBC but it was unlikely that I would die of it.


Hi Boysgran

Can I ask you what stage you were when you diagnosed and now


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