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AMAs but normal bloodwork

I had written a couple of posts awhile

back when I had AMAs in my blood

and was waiting for follow- up bloodwork. I am posting my results

from Nov. 8th so that anyone in my

situation can see. I had high Alt in July because of Alcohol use. The dr

did extra blood tests and I had AMAs

in my blood. I was sent for an ultra sound and it showed fatty liver but

no pathology for gallbladder\ biliary.

I was glad about that. So, I was referred to a GI dr and had to wait for

follow- up bloodwork. (But before

I saw the GI dr I got my dr to do

bloodwork again and everything

was normal on Sept.12th).

So, finally on Nov.8th my bloodwork

was AMAs still in the blood but everything esle normal. Albumin 4.9

Bilirubin 0.5, ALP 83, Ast 19, Alt 17,

IgG, IgA, IgM all in the normal range,

ANA negative.

So, I am giving God the credit for

this bloodwork (I prayed and had others praying ).

I am sharing this because the GI dr

still wants to do bloodwork again

3 months from Nov. 8th. I understand why; becsuse of the

AMAs still bring in the blood .

I only post this so that if anyone

esle has been in this situation

they can see.

Gritty reads had responded when

I did a post 2 months ago and

would love to hear from her.

I hope that this does not bother

anyone. Thank you!

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Not a doctor, but I think your condition was triggered by too much alcohol. So that is why doctor wants to test to see if everything goes back to normal once you refrain from drinking.

Some people have AMA but nothing is wrong. May be just normal for you.

I think you are fine. Just have the doctors do whatever they feel is needed & follow through.


I have not had anything to drink since July and my

bloodwork is back to

normal. I still have the

AMAs is why they are

going to do bloodwork


Thank you for your response.

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Hi, SSMP...,

Happy to get back to you, and very happy to hear the results of your tests.

I agree with nycgirl that the alcohol may have triggered the worrying blood tests, especially the high ALT. As for the AMAs, yes - like me - you may just be one of the 10% or so of people that 'just' has high AMAs. [I think you can search out my past posts, on here, where I have talked about my experience [at length!]of being told I had PBC, when all I have ever had is just high AMAs, with consistently perfect liver function tests, etc and no symptoms of PBC.]

However, as some people with AMAs can develop PBC later, they will keep checking your bloods. For now, after your recent scare, it may be every few months, but if all other bloods stay normal (apart from AMAs) then the frequency of tests will probably drop to just an annual check on your bloodwork. However, if you want to be kind to your liver, it might be best to avoid alcohol. I don't drink at all now (partly because, post-menopause, even the tiniest amount gives me a headache) but I had largely avoided as soon as PBC was suggested.

I hope this helps and that all continues to go well. Remember: good healthy diet, exercise, watch your weight - and above all - be good to yourself, try not to stress and worry, so do all the things that you enjoy and love and that make you happy.

Have a good Xmas and New Year,



Gritty I am not drinking and don't

plan to but I had to take some Tylenol last week because of dental

work,. and I had to pre medicate before the dental work

with Clindamycin because of screws

in my ankle from a brake years ago.


Hello, I too had my bloods taken after I had been drinking and was told I had PBC and wondered if it was a false reading, however someone on the site told me it could not have been. I took Urso for 6 weeks and all my levels went back to normal. Do you take any medication?



No I have not been diagnosed as of yet because nothing points

to PBC except the AMAs

in the blood so I am being monitored.


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