Update on Me, Cancer, and PBC

Wanted to give you an update on my condition. I had my Total Thyroidectomy on June 11 and the surgery went pretty well. I didn't have to have the radiation treatment as my tumor was small and it didn't call for it. I've had some stress getting used to my thyroid meds, but seem to be doing ok. I have started to get concerned that the surgery, anesthesia, and all have made my liver worse. I have had more pain again, though it seems to be easing up now. I am due to see my gastroenterologist this next month for my yearly appt. I will have to get bloodwork to see where my liver levels are. My ALP was a little bit elevated from the last test, but that was during all the stress for my thyroid. It was still ok, for a PBC patient. Guess I'm starting to think more about the PBC again. Now that my Thyroid cancer is, at least for now, in remission, I have to think about PBC again. Physically, I seem to be somewhat better than I was, perhaps most of my fatigue was the hashimotos I also had in my thyroid. Thanks for listening.

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  • Hi NotorDJP,

    I wondered if the removal of your thyroid would make you more or less fatigued. I've read where some folks who had Hashi's say they were far better after a thyroidectomy than before and then of course there were those few who didn't feel any better if not worse. It's good that you were one of those whose fatigue improved after surgery. Were you being treated for your Hashi's before the cancer was found? Did your liver Dr. have any concerns about your surgery's affect on your liver? Surely, it wouldn't cause you any lasting harm, but of course, I'm no expert. I noticed my liver pain coincides with elevated liver enzymes too? I've cut back on any meds that I didn't really need to take and the pain has lessened somewhat. Not that I was taking that much. The pain is always that constant reminder that something isn't quite right, isn't it? I know you're probably taking thyroid meds, but I wouldn't think they'd have a neg affect on your liver. Have there been any other new meds (pain maybe) that your taking now that could be causing you problems? Seems like, if it ain't one thing it's another! It always feels like these things comes in waves, sometimes. Hope you get a good report on your next test and your liver pain lets up! Sending prayers your way!

  • Yes, I seem to be better so far without my thyroid. I didn't know I had hashimotos until I had the thyroid removed. All my hormones were normal. I don't know if the surgery has affected my liver, but my doc gave the go ahead for the surgery and even the radiation treatment. I am on several supplements and maybe I take too many things, but nothing I haven't ever taken. I may have to cut down to just the Vit D and Vit E and B12. I also take milk thistle, fish oil. I have had a lot more tylenol lately too due to dealing with headaches that were caused by the thyroid issues. But yes, the pain reminds me that I don't have a normal liver.

  • Best wishes for your recovery. Be kind to yourself, you have had a lot to cope with and your body probably needs lots of rest and relaxation.

  • Hi Notor, you have been through the mill - but, you have come out the other side, this shows what a strong person you are, this will allow you to cope with anything else that is thrown at you. Take care, and look after yourself. Is that Freddie Mercury on your profile picture?

  • Thanks! Yup thats Freddie! Love him

  • Love him too Notor

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