PBC and gastric band surgery

Hey everyone...I have primary billary cirrhosis (PBC) and I am considering having a gastric band - I also have fatty liver. I was scheduled to see a surgeon today but the appointment was cancelled and I just want to know if i'm even able to have the surgery before tackling the other issues that might come with it! I'm wondering if anybody else has any liver conditions and was still able to have weight loss surgery? Thanks in advance :-)

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  • Hi yes you can have weight loss surgery even if if you have pbc. I looked into this in quite some detail (I also have Crohn's disease), and even had a meeting with both consultants who manage my conditions and the consultant who would do my surgery. None saw pbc as being an issue and were happy to proceed although there were quite a lot of risks due to my crohns and also there were concerns re how surgery would effect me mentally. I decided not to have it done in the end as its quite invasive to your life, you will have to be especially careful re getting the right vitimins into your system and life as you know it will never be the same. I am now spending the money I would have spent on surgery on a persona trainer, whilst hard and is taking time (hate exercise) she has taught me what to eat as well as making me train. Good luck in what ever you decide to do And listen to yourself and not others is my best advice.

  • Thank you so much for that detailed reply. I'm 90% sure I want it done, but obviously I still need to meet with the surgeon. I'm going into this eyes wide open 😊

  • Hi, before you consider this, why not consider gastric band Hypnotherapy and then find a good gym to join. I'm a weight loss hypnotherapist but not trained in the gastric band method but there are many excellent therapists out there who are. If you do consider this, don't join a group, one to one sessions have fantastic results. Look on the association of weight loss hypnotherapist website for a fully trained therapist. I'm not on it because I can't always guarantee I will be available because of my PBC causing lethargy. Weight gain is not only about the food you eat and a good hypnotherapist will help you deal with these issues first. Good luck

  • It's not a bypass it's a band so it can be reversed if needed.

  • Ok, just means more surgery though. You've got a very big decision to make. Good luck and i hope it all goes well for you.

  • Hi, I was told to wait, as the liver problem makes you bleed more. So err on the cautious side.

    I did have my op but all the Medical personal dealing with me knew what to do. As for weight, I lost a lot of weight during the years Waiting for my transplant. Hope all goes well when you see Your Surgeon. x

  • Thank you...I'm still thinking deep and hard about it :-)

  • Hi Emzglo,

    It depends on how advanced your PBC/liver disease is. If you have varices or portal hypertension caused by scarring on the liver, then it could potentially complicate gastric surgery. If you have no scarring as of yet, but develop scarring later, it could complicate future surgeries to remove or adjust the band. The surgeon would be better able to discuss how much of an impact it could have.

    Another thing to consider - people with liver disease are encouraged to lose weight slowly, 1-2 lbs per week and no more. Gastric bands typically cause rapid weight loss that could add additional stress on the liver. Your liver would need to be closely monitored if you decide to go through with surgery or if you lose weight rapidly - more than 4 lbs per week.

    You would have to weigh the risks and benefits carefully, so your surgeon needs to be the type of person that you can communicate with closely. If they don't answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable, best to chose another doc or skip surgery all together.

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