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Vitamin B2

Hi everyone, I suffer from severe and frequent migraines, and although I take Sumatriptan when I get them, which seems to work well, I have also heard of taking high dose Vitamin B2 (400mg daily) which can prevent them. I don't know if it's safe to take with Urso, as I read somewhere it can reduce the efficiency of certain drugs. Does anyone else out there take vitamin B2 for migraines? Does it work? Is it safe to take with Urso? I'm next due to see my liver consultant in December, but it seems a long time to wait to ask. Thanks

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Hello Beanie.

I personally think that unless you are deficient in such a vitamin then there is no requirement to take one. Have you had your levels checked. B2 is riboflavin.

I am not sure about them helping in something like migraines though. I will post a link as I have jsut read a bit about riboflavin (B2) on our NHS website.

I had my B vitamins checked a couple years ago when I had a one point below on the HB count. I was found to be quite sufficient in all except a slight low count on the ferritin (iron) so had a month's supply of iron tabs.

According to the article that I have posted link for, your mention of a 400mg daily dose seems like you could overdose on this B2.

What I would suggest is perhaps to make an appointment to see your usual doctor and discuss this.



Ask your gp


Hi Beanie - my sympathies from a fellow sufferer. I found my migraines are triggered by weather patterns but not always. My doctor prescribed beta blockers which definitely helped - but I have now stopped taking them daily as was beginning to have other unwanted side effects so I will just take them as and when required. Never heard of the B vitamin link.


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