Had my Gastroscopy on Tuesday was very brave and only had the throat spray and must admit I got through it fine my Consultant did it for me and had all my trust in him a little uncomfortable at times but I did it and it was all down to him and two lovely Nurses I will not worry and get in such a state next time as long as he does it for me .Now for the findings 3 columns of early grade 1 varices with very mild Portal Hypertensive gastropathy so glad I had the Endoscopy I now can have medication and hope it will slow things down its much better to know and get treatment before its to far gone my question is has anyone had similar results and is this a normal finding .Hope all feeling as well as can be expected Take Care x

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  • Hi Cavi,

    I had a gastroscopy & colonoscopy last week. Kudos to you for doing it with just throat spray. I went under with anesthetic. All I remember was them putting the mouthpiece in my mouth and the next thing I remember was that I was in recovery. I can't imagine being awake for it. I don't have my results yet from the gastroscopy. He didn't want to commit to anything until the biopsies came back. I see him again in a couple of weeks.

    Are they going to band your varices? What medication did you have to go on? Did your throat hurt afterward? Were you able to swallow food? My throat still hurts and have not been able to swallow anything yet? It has been 9 days since I had my procedure.


  • Hi After my Gastroscopy the Consultant told me my results while I waited he said it was all early stages and would see me in a few weeks at my follow up to discuss medication so I have got to wait till I get appointment. As for my throat it did not affect it in any way the spray soon wore of and was able to eat my tea as soon as I got home have no problems at all I do seem to think though its all down to who does it after reading so many horrid stories how people feel when they have it done was in a real state but still decided on the spray only because it was my Consultant doing it and felt very safe perhaps if you don't feel right soon go and have a talk to someone at the Endoscopy dept . I do think now they have found something and early stages I will have to have Endoscopy yearly just to keep a close look at things but if this is what it takes to save unpleasant things happening in the long run well I will have to go and have them done Take Care x

  • Thanks Cavi! I think I am having issues due to the Sclerosis and that the endoscopy just made it worse. I hope it will start to feel better soon. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  • I had this done recently too and am now on beta blockers to bring down pressure. My resting heart rate was 100 but has now gone down to 80. Also have varices. Was followed up with an ultrasound. Am seeing consultant next week. I also just had throat spray but found the endoscopy very difficult. Maybe just me but I do get very anxious which doesn't help. Sounds as if we are at about the same stage. Take care xx

  • I can't see the point in putting up with uncomfortable procedures. I ask to be properly asleep and look forward to the rest. Only thing I was told I had to be awake for was a Balloon Valvoplasty to repair my mitral valve in my heart. In that instance they go into a vein in your groin and up to the heart. Not uncomfortable at all and quite interesting watching the balloon advance through your body.

  • Hi Mojo62

    Have you been told what stage you are at with PBC I never have . I was hoping although they have found Early Stage Varices and mild Portal hypertensive it was a good sign and still early days with the PBC its all so confusing any info you know more than me will be much appreciated .Take Care x

  • Hi Cavi. My consultant advised me a couple of days ago hat I now have cirrhosis. I didn't ask what stage this is but I now have to have 6 monthly ultrasound to check for primary liver cancer. Was only diagnosed 3 yrs ago and am still feeling a bit shell shocked with my latest results. As bloods are still ok with the urso he said he wouldn't refer me for transplant assessment yet.

  • Hi Mojo62

    Thank you for your reply and are thinking about you this is not what we want to hear I dread the word, I go in the morning for my follow up on my Gastroscopy my Consultant did it and did after just mention the mild Portal Hypertensive and Grade 1 Varices I wont know until tomorrow what meds I will have to take what Grade are your Varices and is your Portal Hypertensive only mild? sorry for all the questions I know we are all different I have a blood test every 12 mts its a special test that takes a few weeks to come back for Liver Cancer also all the other blood tests and scans, here I go again with another question but what test or scan did you have to confirm your Cirrhosis I thought only a Liver Biopsy could confirm this I know Bilirubin if high is a sign of Liver damage mine at the moment is in normal range but have an endless list of things that are not what they should be it really does take a lot to take all this in .Take Care and remember we are all here for each other X Hope to hear from you soon when you feel up to it .

  • Hi Mojo 62 Sent you a reply but landed in the wrong reply box its a little lower down sorry Cavi x

  • I have had two gastroscopys, both with only the throat spray. Didn't find them too bad. A bit uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't cope with. My decision was based on the fact I could leave the hospital a whole lot quicker. In fact within about twenty minutes. Nothing was found either time but I am expecting my consultant to suggest another one when I see her next summer. Oh joy!!!

  • I have my first gastroscopy in 3 weeks and being pregnant am terrified that my over sensitive gag reflex will make this impossible! I don't want sedation because of the baby but will the local prevent me gagging?! It's good to hear stories about this procedure being manageable just with the spray as that has reassured me a bit :-)

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