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I'm having so much trouble getting treatment for ra. I have pbc too. Rhumatogist put me on salazine on 1st dec. Last week I told him its not working for me. His response was, shockingly, well it works for everyone else why not you. I've now got nothing and I'm crying because I'm in pain all the time.  Seeing my gp in the morning and really need to know what I can take. Hope someone can help please.

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  • That's terrible.  My heart goes out to you! 

  • Thank you 

  • Hi Wongie,

    It makes me so cross to read of medical people with this type of attitude.  What is the matter with these arrogant doctors.  I have also met with a doctor with this type of mentality. RANT over!

    Hope your GP can make a suggestion for you this morning, failing that you must ask to see another specialist if necessary at a different hospital.

    I have no experience of any home remedy that can help with the pain of RA however WebMD has quite a good page which may be worth a read.


    Do let us know how you get on Wongie.

  • Hi butterfly thankyou for your kind reply.  I have seen my gp and thankfully she couldn't  believe what he said to me. She is referring me to another hospitals and another doc and she agreed I couldn't go on like this.  I'll let you know how I get on.

  • That is good to read. Hope you enjoy this long bank holiday weekend.☺

  • Hi Wongie,

    There's another community on this site that you might like to follow, if you aren't already:  National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

    If you click my communities on the top toolbar and then browse you should find it. 

    Hope your GP was able to help.  Maybe ask to see a different Rheumatologist though.

  • Hi badpiglet thank you for your reply.  I had a look at the ra society website and gave them a call.  They also suggested changing doc and hospital. Very helpful and just nice to know people understand where I'm coming from. 

  • Yesterday, I was reading around about novel therapies for PBC etc. I knew this since about a year that few pharma companies are working on such lab engineered molecules that modify immune system's behaviour. Since RA is a autoimmune disease like PBC this matches also. To my surprise such a therapies are already available(approved & marketed) for RA. For PBC we have to wait little more. But anyway I found a nice page with lots of information here, some medicaments are also listed there for RA. May be you should consult some other doctors for such a options, may be one of them works well for you. Good luck!

    Here is the link:


  • Hi betonarme thank you for your reply.  I am being referred to another hospital but will go armed with the list.

  • Hi Wongie; I hope your GP was able to refer you to a different rheumatologist--- it's not like you didn't give that drug a chance to work . Also if that drug (salazine) works for everybody else, why are there so many other drug treatments for RA available? Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi belliver thank you for your reply. I'm being referred to another hospital I will let you know how I get on.

  • I would suggest seeing another rheumatologist .... They don't alL think the same.

    I tried two until I found one who genuinely tried to help me. I'm on Hydroxychloroquine which has helped although it can take up to year to get the full effect. I still have a few flare ups a year but they are short lived now.

    Good luck

  • Hi val02 thank you for yourr reply I am being referred to another hospital and I have made a note of the medication you are on I will let you know how I get on.

  • Hi Wongie

    That's terrible and the pain involved with RA. I was diagnosed in Oct last with RA & have PBC which was diagnosed in 2008 when I was 36. My first treatment for RA was stopped as not suitable. I was then put on Methotrexate and after 10 weeks it appears to be not working. I seem to be in a continuous flare-up. So I have now been prescribed Embril with the Methotrexate. I have been on steroids also so it's a matter of getting the treatment right and not everything suits everybody. I recommend that you get a referral to another Rheumatologist.  Hope things improve for you.

  • Hi belgravia thank you for your reply.  So sorry you've been suffering so long. Ive started to believe its going to be a long road for me too. I am being referred to another hospital so fingers crossed I'll get some help. I'll let you know how I get one.

  • Did you ever get on another medication to help you with your RA? Take a look at this case study and show it to your rheumatologist.


    Good luck to you!

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