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Raised red spots - spider nevi

Although I have been a member of HealthUnlocked since 2012 I have never written a question but followed with interest the questions and comments of other sufferers. A little about myself - I am 65yrs old and diagnosed with pbc in 2000 following various tests and eventual liver biopsy. My specialist is based at Kings College and following check ups originally every 3, 6,and 9 months I now and for many years have annual apts and thank goodness remained relatively well. I have been fortunate since being on urso 750 mg daily since March 2000 to have no itch and to be perfectly honest apart from being a bit tired wouldn't know I had pbc until 10 days ago!!! The itch has returned big time, but thankfully only at night. I have very little sleep as I spend most of the night out of bed trying to keep cool which helps the itch oh to have a decent nights sleep. Prior to the itch I was sleeping for 8 hours. The reason for me writing now is to ask all of you out there, "Do you suffer with raised red spots on the face, chest and back"? which I have experienced for some many months now. I went to see my GP last week and she said the chest was spider nevi but the rash on my back was not the same thing. I am currently waiting for an apt with a Dermatologist, I will let you know the outcome. But if I have some fellow suffers your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello madtomdani.

Sorry to read that you have now developed the itch after being free of it for 14yrs. I unfortuantely started itching early 2010 when I was 45 and by the time the endof the year came by that time I was 46 I was diagnosed with PBC. Coming up to my 5th year with PBC in the New Year (even it took medics 9mths to diagnose me). I have been taking urso almost 4yrs now, I am on 10mgs per kg body weight and was rounded off to 60kgs (although I am around 55kgs) so I take 600mgs per day. The itch has subsided somewhat since taking urso but it's nothing significant. I get prickles during the day if I sit too long and come anytime from 9p.m. onwards I start feeling a more intense prickle sensation that by 11p.m. I am itching. I find if I go to bed and cannot drop off to sleep in a relatively short time space I struggle with itching. My itch has usally vanished by 5a.m. I'd not know I had PBC but the itch reminds me every day. I did suffer fatigue early days but that vanished around 3yrs ago now. I get tired later afternoon if the previous night was not a good one for sleeping. On the whole though I am pretty active but have noticed more recently that come evening when it reaches 9p.m. I feel rather frazzled and lethargic. I am approaching 50 and half years.

I just have one what is called spider nevi, tiny thread like veins that radiate from a central spot that gives it the name of 'spider'. Mine is on my calf and I have it longer than known PBC. I have found it has got a little more pronounced due to itching but nothing untoward there. I do not see anything with regards to the itch at all, there is never a rash or red lumps, etc.

I do get tiny red spots that are like dried blood or dried blood at times on my legs below my knees which is due to scratching and then damaging the hair pores.

What you are experiencing might just well be a case of something else that is not PBC-related and it could just be a temporary condition as opposed to something long-term. I'd be interested to know what you currently have after you have seen a dermatologist.


Hi, I have lots od spider nevi in fact my chest and the top of my arms is covered in them. I also have them on my neck and along my shoulders and a few on my back. I was told it caused by PBC. They seem to flare at times especially when I am exhausted or have liver pain.


Hi Madtomdani.

I have pimples and thread veins on my cheeks and forehead, doctor said it was Rosacea? Mine seems flares up when I am stressed or in extreme temperatures. I have tried using different moisturisers and found one that seems to be helping, but could be due to having a relaxed holiday?

I would push to see a dermatologist, something I need to do myself really as I am not confident with the doctors diagnosis



Maybe read the thread about pbc being more common in those with gluten enteropathy as there is a skin condition associated with that called hepatipitiformis(?spelling) . This can be a sign of coeliac and can be diagnosed by dermatologist doing small skin biopsy. Hope the itch sorts itself out soon.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. I have mild itching but do get the raised red spots around NY neck. I notice it is much worse if I have eaten sugary rich foods especially chocolate. A bland diet seems to suit these days. Interested to know what your dermatogist says. All the best.


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