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Hi there. Just wondering if pbc itch has a rash. I have a rash on my abdo /chest/ upper thighs and lower back. How ever, I have itch on legs /arms / neck and fingers with no rash. Does any of this sound related to pbc please.

Thank you. Nelly

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Hi Nellies47! I don't usually have a PBC itch but for quite a while I was getting itchy rashes on my abdomen and sometimes arms. I started taking tepid or sometimes cold showers and the rashes went away. If you take hot showers a lot it could be contributing to the itch. A true PBC itch is a creepy crawly itch under the skin. A lot of people get ti on their hands a feet.I hope this helps a little.


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Hi Pam .Thanks for that. I don't think it's a heat rash, I've had those before. I am wondering if it might be an allergy. Thanks for advice, really appreciate it. Nelly

Hi Nellies47 I have never had a rash with my itch and I don't think I have ever read anything about a rash with the itch of PBC. Maybe a word with your pharmacist may help, hope you can get it sorted.

Thank you, yes I will ask Gp .

Hi Nellies47, i would check with dr to be sure it isn’t shingles. Terrible itchy rash can become extremely painful. Good luck.

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Nellies47 in reply to Pcbsammy

Hi, thank you.

I get a rash with itch, mine comes and goes. I don’t know the cause, lots of moisturising cream seems to soothe it or antihistamines if it’s exceptionally itchy. I do also have lupus and sjogrens so never know what causes it and it’s never bad enough to call the GP.

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Nellies47 in reply to Chris21

Hi thank you.I have probably sjogren's as per rheumatologist and autoimmune inflammatory arthritis so it could be that, I was thinking the same. I'm taking antihistamines and it helps a bit. Thank you.

I recently developed a rash on my arms, neck and shoulders. The health care provider in the USA called it an autoimmune rash, and it was not itchy.

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Nellies47 in reply to hypnovoice

Hi thanks for thats

I suggest you see a dermatologist. Rashes are hard to diagnose. From where you have it, and without seeing it, it sounds like it could be a contact dermatitis as it is where your skin would be in contact with a shirt. An over the counter cortisone cream would help if it's an allergic response. Wash a cotton tshirt in any detergent meant for babies, and see if rash fades.

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